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What are Aceable Ambassadors?  Aceable Ambassadors are the bridge to our users. To be an ambassador means you’ve passed through a selective application process and emerged as a voice of Aceable in your community.  Your tasks as an ambassador are to educate your peers, provide crucial brand and product feedback to Aceable executives, and gain invaluable business experience…. all while getting paid.  

How do you earn this opportunity?  It starts by conveying a sincere interest in learning the ins and outs of marketing, social mediablogging, and sales. Aceable Ambassadors are accomplishedexcited, and helpful individuals who are excited to learn about turning ideas into impactful and profitable businesses.  

An Aceable Ambassadorship provides invaluable exposure to marketingentrepreneurship, and workplace responsibility that looks great on a college application. You can also hook your friends up with great deals from us.

When do Aceable Ambassadors work? Around their school schedules, of course. Aceable Ambassadors are students and family members first.  Work is typically 3-5 hours a week done remotely using tools like Google Hangouts and HipChat.  From time-to-time we bring local ambassadors into our beanbag-filled office at the Capital Factory in downtown Austin. 

If you’re interested and think you have what it takes to be an Ambassador, fill out the application below and we’ll be in touch. 

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