10 GIFS That Are Too Real for Parents of New Drivers

As a parent, watching your kid transition into adulthood by obtaining their license is a whole wave of emotions.

It’s a ride with several stages of feelings from fear to pride and joy. Here are some of the most relatable struggles of letting your kid leave the nest as a new driver.

  1. Your kid has finally passed their test with flying colors! Hooray! All of the hard work paid off.

It was all worth it

  1. But of course, your newly-licensed offspring already has the nerve to criticize your driving skills. Rude!

How Dare You

  1. You’re just excited because you’ve realized that you’ll no longer have to chauffeur them everywhere. In fact, now they can chauffer you!


  1. Well, you’re excited until you remember that your kid now has independence. They can come and go at any time. Trade excited for straight-up nervous.

Jesus Take The Wheel

  1. In the end, you know they’ll make you proud. You raised them to do the right thing, which includes the time they get behind the wheel.

You Got This

  1. And if anything,, you’re just hoping that they can keep the car clean or else it’s gonna be a big headache.

big headache

  1. Eventually, you can both tolerate riding together without comment. You’re only a little bit scared to take your spot on the passenger side, so you just take extra, extra caution. Just doing your job!

Extra Cautious

  1. Turns out that they don’t drive exactly like you do, but your child is a very good driver. How could they not be? They learned from the best.

Learned The Best

  1. You decide to just be a little more chill about this whole driving thing. You’re both happy to experience a little bit of a switch in your roles. It’s all good.

Be Cool

  1. Oh, wait. You remember that your youngest only has a little bit more time until they make you go through this whole roller-coaster of a ride all over again.

I'm Tired

Krista Doyle
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