10 Reasons Your Parents Are Stoked You Can Finally Drive

When your dad finally handed you the keys to the minivan and let you sit in the driver's seat, he might have seemed nervous about giving you access to the open road, errr … driveway. Despite his repeated pleas to “Go slow,” “Take it easy,” and “That’s not the way you do it,” he couldn’t be more excited for you to get your driver license. Think your parents are dreading the day that you’re legally allowed to get behind the wheel? Maybe they’re a little nervous about that lead foot of yours, but here are 10 reasons your parents are beyond stoked that you can finally drive a car.

1. They can jam out to The Eagles without you judging.

Your mom forbade you from blasting Drake and you’re sick of your dad’s off-key rendition of “Desperado.” Now that you don’t have to split DJ duty, everybody’s happy. Just make sure that you craft the perfect playlist before you start the ignition ’cause it’s a hand-free zone when you’re driving. Smartphone no touchy. 2. They don’t have to listen to you ask: “Are we there yet?”

Your parents are delighted that the days of seat kicking and “she poked me first” are almost to an end. Almost. You still got some time until you’re allowed to take a cross-country road trip, young grasshopper. 3. They can deck out their car in mortifying bumper stickers ...

… unless you’re sharing a car with them. In that case, you’re definitely gonna tear off the one that says “My kids have four legs.” Cool, mom, I know you like your shih tzu more than me. 4. They don’t have to play chauffeur anymore.

For years your parents have been making the same route to pick up your three best friends and drop them off again -- and not that they don’t like your friend Jessica, but yeah … they don’t like your friend Jessica. Your license restriction won’t allow you to have multiple people under age 21 in the car just yet, but the day is coming … and then it’s a bittersweet goodbye between Jessica and the ’rents. 5. They can make you pick up your little brother from soccer practice.

Soon you’ll be your siblings’ personal Uber driver and have to run errands or pick up groceries for Mom… and you thought doing the dishes was the worst chore. Your dad is oh so happy that he can finally watch an uninterrupted game of college football. 6. They don’t have to park five blocks away from the movie theater.

So you’re embarrassed to be seen pulling up with your mom. Okay, we’ve all been there. But it’s not like she wants to worry about whether you got lost between Chestnut and Oak Street. Now she’s confident that you’ll make it to the mall okay. Eh, not really confident.You still have to call her to confirm that. Sorry ’bout it. 7. They no longer have to feel like they’re talking to a wall.

-- “How was school?” -- “Good.” -- “What’d you do?” -- “Stuff.” Ah, you’re such pleasant conversationalist to have in the car. Now your dad doesn’t have to tell you to stop Snapchatting and “please answer your mother.” By the way, you’re definitely not allowed to Snapchat when you’re driving … like ever. Besides, car lighting plus gray interiors are not Insta-worthy. 8. Their car won’t be littered with gum wrappers and lost homework assignments.

Your parents are still going to be annoyed by your messy room, but now that they’re not driving you around, they might be able to see the floor of their car. Ahhh, finally a smell other than muddy cleats. 9. They can actually watch Ellen instead of picking you up from school …

… or garden, or play bridge or practice with their tribute band (Is that something parents do?) You know how much time your folks spend driving you around? You getting your license is like them getting an extra hour each day. 10. They can watch you take the first steps toward becoming a responsible young adult.

Awwww. Your parents are pretty sentimental that you’re growing up, but they’re also proud that you’re learning how to adult and become a responsible driver. Part of being responsible means taking drivers ed, and that’s where we come in. Ready to get started on the road to a license? Do drivers ed the awesome way.

Krista Doyle
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