10 Thoughts After Getting Pulled Over for a Ticket

Getting pulled over for speeding is just about one of the worst moments ever for any driver. It happens to everyone, even the most cautious of us. Consider being pulled over a universal experience, even if it doesn’t always end in a ticket or a citation.

Seeing one set of flashing lights in your rearview mirror is enough, imagine seeing 4

Here are a few of the most common reactions from anyone who’s ever gotten pulled over for a speeding ticket.

  1. “What do I do?”

What do I do!?!

The immediate initial thought is what exactly to do when you spotted those dreaded flashing lights and it can be easy to blank on the proper pulled-over-protocol. Remember to head to the shoulder or side of the road safely and quickly and to stay in your vehicle. Keep your wits about you and remain respectful when it comes to the officer.

  1. “How can I make this better?”

Quick fix There is no quick fix!

Well, you can’t exactly unspeed. Luckily, in some states you can help refresh your brain with some driving skills and mask tickets with user-friendly mobile defensive driving courses. You’re welcome, Cali and Texas residents.

  1. “I promise I’ll NEVER, EVER speed again!”


You can bargain all you want, but in the end, you’ve done the crime and you’ve gotta do the time (not literally, in most cases).

  1. “Where did I put my license?”

It always seems like the thing you need the most finds a way to grow legs and walk off. Your license is probably in an obvious spot and you’re just flustered, but if you’ve actually misplaced it, then here’s what you can do in Ohio , Florida , and Texas .

  1. “It’s gonna be a long ride home.”

Slow driver You are gonna be driving painfully slowly

You’ll probably honor your newly discovered no-speeding rule by driving exactly the speed limit all the way home. It seems even slower when you’ve got a ticket glaring at you from the passenger and a parent or spouse at home with some high expectations.

  1. “I’m so stupid!”

beat yourself Don't beat yourself up!

Yes, you could beat yourself up, but mistakes happen. All you’ve got to do is learn from this… and take your foot off the gas. Try the brake, this isn’t NASCAR.

  1. “I’m never driving AGAIN!”

Never Again Never Again!

Well, just in case you forgot that life isn’t The Fast and The Furious, you can drive plenty of places without speeding. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with irrational thoughts. You’ll handle your ticket and be back in business in no time, without the extra, unnecessary MPH.

  1. “Looks like I definitely shouldn’t have left those clothes in the washer.”

You don’t need to be in a rush when it comes to whatever you have at Point B. It’s definitely not worth the cost, time, or embarrassment of a ticket. Next time, just plan ahead a bit to avoid the Speed Racer fiasco.

  1. “It could be worse…”

It could be worse Speed limits exist for a reason and that is to keep you safe

This is true. Very true. At least you’re ok.

  1. “I can’t believe I cried… and still got a ticket.”

Cut the waterworks

Where’s your Oscar? It’s probably in the mail, Meryl Streep… right next to that whole speeding ticket. The whole water works situation won’t always help. Drive safe!

Krista Doyle
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