10 Easy Ways to Reduce Distractions When You’re Driving

With so many things happening around you at once, it’s important to stay focused when you’re driving. Don’t let something else take away your focus. Here are 10 ways to reduce distractions and help you focus on the task at hand (driving, duh).

  1. Wait for a red light before you attempt to do anything not driving-related. Take a sip of your coffee or change the radio station during these red like breaks. Maybe practice your whistling or your air guitar skillz.
  1. Put away your laptop and tablet. This should be obvious, but definitely do not watch movies on your laptop while you drive. Like, for real.
  1. Keep Spot in a crate. I know it’s tempting to let him hang his head out the window and let his jowls flap in the wind, but it’s not safe for you or your pup.
Sorry, boy. You gotta keep your head inside.
Sorry, boy. You gotta keep your head inside.
  1. No minivan parties. Keep your passenger count to a minimum and keep ‘em under control. As the driver, you’re the car czar – you should be enforcing seat belt laws and making sure your passengers aren’t being too loud and distracting.
Basically you.
Basically you.
  1. Put the book away. Don’t read while you’re driving. That’s just crazy talk. Don’t worry, Jon Snow will still be [SPOILER ALERT – CONTENT REMOVED] when you get to your destination.
Jon Snow doesn't read and neither should you (while driving).
Jon Snow doesn’t read and neither should you (while driving).
  1. Get ready before you leave. Bae would rather you arrive safe than look good, trust me.
  1. Don’t rubberneck at traffic accidents. Sure, you want to see, but do you have to see? BOGO accidents aren’t actually a good deal.
  1. Settle on music early. Get those driving playlists ready to go so you don’t have to look for music or change songs while driving.
Lock and load before you drive.
Lock and load before the drive.
  1. No eating. Eating is a huge distraction. It takes more than just one of your senses away from driving. If you feel a snack attack coming on, at least wait until you’re stopped at a red light.
  1. DON’T USE YOUR CELL PHONE. Studies show that using your cell phone is the most distracting, most dangerous thing you can do when you’re driving. That phone call or text can wait til you reach your destination. By avoiding these things, you can become a better driver who’s ready for anything. Stay safe, bbs.