101 Ways to Banish Winter Break Boredom

Winter break is officially here, which means long days of nothing but relaxing, stuffing your face, and sleeping until the afternoon. But if you’re a student who is constantly hustling and on the go during the semester, the lack of responsibilities during winter break can come as a shock.

Aceable is here to help; if you find yourself getting a small case of the winter doldrums, we’ve got just the list for you! Here are 101 ways you can banish winter break boredom, and hit next semester with useful skills, fun memories and a fresh mindset.

  1. Start a new TV show or series
  2. Start drivers ed
  3. Go winter camping
  4. Bake new holiday desserts for friends and family Start Baking! Start Baking!
  5. Try free gym / bootcamp classes
  6. Start AND FINISH a new book
  7. Start planning your Spring Break!
  8. Read Aceable’s blog :)
  9. Organize and purge your closet
  10. Take a road trip Road Trip! A road trip is a great way to use that license!
  11. Figure out your New Year’s Resolutions
  12. Get a head start on your classes next semester
  13. Volunteer
  14. Get a temporary job for break
  15. Start looking for summer jobs or internships
  16. Moveing marathon that one trilogy you’ve always been meaning to watch
  17. Sleepovers! Sleepover Sleepovers are a great way to spend time with your friends!
  18. Clean out your car
  19. Follow Aceable on Instagram and Snapchat for fun updates
  20. Spend a weekend in the closest “big city” near you
  21. Go on a pizza/burger/breakfast taco/donut crawl in your city
  22. Find your new favorite coffee shop
  23. Spend some quality time with your family
  24. Learn a new language
  25. Start a blog
  26. Go ice skating Ice Skating Especially if you don't know how!
  27. Have a “treat yo self” day full of self-care and all the things you love
  28. Buy ugly Christmas sweaters and wear them like there’s no tomorrow
  29. Catch up on all the sleep you’ve lost over the semester
  30. Go bouldering (indoor rock climbing)
  31. Apply for scholarships
  32. Go to a concert
  33. Take a class to learn a new skill (like knitting, painting or even axe throwing!)
  34. Redecorate your room
  35. Go see The Nutcracker Son of a Nutcracker And watch elf!
  36. Explore nature near your city
  37. Have a holiday movie marathon
  38. Start a new exercise regimen and try to stick with it
  39. Complete a puzzle
  40. Spend an afternoon at the bookstore or library
  41. Visit the animal shelter
  42. Listen to holiday music
  43. Go see the Christmas lights
  44. Go to an improv show
  45. Play in the snow (if you get snow)
  46. Get a massage or facial
  47. Have a hot chocolate party Hot Chocolate Tis the season!
  48. Take a long, hot bath
  49. Visit your city’s holiday market or bazaar
  50. Try cooking and perfecting a new recipe
  51. Build a snow fort
  52. Hang out with your high school friends
  53. But also keep in touch with your new ones from college!
  54. Go on a ski or snowboard trip Baby Snowboarding Babies are snowboarding and so should you!
  55. Get your car washed
  56. Shovel snow for your neighbors
  57. Go to a drive-in movie
  58. Clean out and/or organize your email
  59. Have a museum day
  60. Have a snowball fight (it’s never too late)
  61. Find the best hot toddy in your city
  62. Listen to live music
  63. Go stargazing
  64. Start a new podcast series
  65. Sell your old stuff
  66. Make DIY gifts for your friends and family
  67. Spend a day window shopping (or actually shopping!)
  68. Build a snowman
  69. Rewatch Elf Watch Elf Again Over and over again!
  70. Rewatch Love Actually (for the 1000th time)
  71. Go ice fishing
  72. Make delicious hot soup
  73. Donate your unused toys, clothes and gadgets
  74. Watch a play
  75. Join a gym
  76. Host a board game night with your friends
  77. Babysit
  78. Network with people in the industry you’re interested in
  79. Go sledding
  80. Host a grilled cheese and tomato soup night Grilled Cheese Night Nothing hits the spot like a good grilled cheese
  81. Three words: Outdoor hot tub
  82. Get yourself some comfy slippers
  83. Go watch a local hockey game
  84. Have a gingerbread house building competition (and a subsequent eating competition)
  85. Try making a traditional holiday meal from another culture (like tamales!)
  86. Plan your summer vacation
  87. Take naps whenever, wherever Take a nap Catch up on sleep after finals!
  88. Roast s’mores around a firepit
  89. Create a LinkedIn profile, if you haven’t already
  90. Find a new favorite blog (and catch up with your existing ones!)
  91. Get your doctor’s appointments and annual checkups done
  92. Take your car for a long drive
  93. Explore your city’s architecture and document it Go on an adventure Its like a mini adventure!
  94. Help your parents out with chores
  95. Create new playlists for every occasion
  96. Update your resume, portfolio or cover letters
  97. Go see your local symphony orchestra
  98. Handwrite letters to your favorite people
  99. Call your grandparents and actually talk to them
  100. Learn how to budget wisely
  101. Shadow someone in your desired career field
Krista Doyle
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