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12 Tweets That Truly Understand Driving in Chicago

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Ah, Chicago. The Windy City. Known for its musical roots, its deep dish pizza, its interesting choice of hot dog toppings, and its gridlock traffic. Not many things are more soul crushing than rush hour traffic - especially when it’s not even rush hour. I-90 in the winter? Get out of here!

Luckily, some folks took to Twitter to air their frustrations about the situation. Let’s read what they had to say:>

Shots fired!> 100 percent true - traffic in Chicago is worse than LA. > > — Sean Leary (@SeanPatrickLear) July 30, 2016

Chicago traffic crosses state boundaries> Every time I hit bad "Chicago traffic" I'm still in Indiana. — Andy Perkins (@TAPerkLaw) July 30, 2016

This madlass is nutters about the traffic> I LOVE CHICAGO TRAFFIC AND DRIVING STICK HAHAH > > — Thea (@theagrace_) July 30, 2016

If ya boi Starbuck can’t even help you, then what?> When u spend two hrs in Chicago traffic & not even Starbucks can help you remember what it's like to experience joy — David Bergee (@DaQuayvid) July 29, 2016

Looks like some people could use some drivers ed> Traffic rules are merely a suggestion in Chicago apparently. > > — Alora Rauckman- S. (@Alora331) July 28, 2016

Watch out for those bananas and red shells> driving in Chicago feels very similar to rainbow road in mario kart — Megan Benson (@MeganBenson37) August 7, 2016

Only the strongest survive> Driving in Chicago brings out the worst in me. > > — Alyssa McNally (@Alyssaamcnally) July 29, 2016

> Chicago driving is for a certain breed of humans — kandikush (@Kandice_Rose) July 29, 2016

Some general dismal Chicago traffic outlooks:> in such bad traffic trying to get to downtown chicago that the estimated time of arrival has gone up every minute > > — hannah rad (@HANNAHRAD) July 26, 2016

> Chicago traffic ???? #theworst — Cliff Alexander (@CAlexander) July 29, 2016

> This is Siri tweeting for Morgan because Illinois is hands-free and she says Chicago traffic really sucks > > — Morgan Dzak (@morgandzak) July 27, 2016

> the driving in Chicago stresses me out omg — kk (@kaitlynbicha) July 28, 2016

Those Chicago traffic feels tho. We feel your pain, fam. Next time you’re cruising down I-90 traffic-free, just remember to relish that moment because it won’t last long. We love reading your funny traffic tweets, but remember - don’t tweet and drive. That’s what Siri’s for.

Krista Doyle