14 Reasons You Want Your Texas Adult Drivers License

Whether you've waited to get your license because you just didn't need it yet, you couldn't afford a car, or you just didn't have the time to take drivers ed there's no time like the present to get going and get licensed. Lucky for you, Aceable lets you take adult drivers ed on your mobile phone so you can learn about the rules of the road on-the-go. You might be asking "Hey Aceable! Why would I want to get my adult drivers license anyways?" OOOOH BUDDY let us tell you. Here are the top 14 reasons why you definitely want to get your adult drivers license.

  1. Freedom. --------

    This one’s easy. Having a driver’s license is pretty synonymous to freedom - now you can take yourself anywhere your wild heart desires.
    adult drivers license

  2. Late night (insert food here) runs.

Whether you’re trying to take a break from the all-nighter or just having a nice Friday night self-care date, being able to drive yourself to pizza within a moment’s notice is pretty darn nice.

> Get your license and get your waffle fries in peace ???? pic.twitter.com/CM7h22tVle > > — Aceable (@aceable) January 5, 2017 3. Beat the bus commute. ---------------------

The bus schedule shouldn’t rule your life. And as much as you may miss some of the weird characters you see on the bus commute, wouldn’t it be nice to have some privacy?
adult drivers ed 4. It’s the most common form of identification. --------------------------------------------

Most institutions require proof of identification, and 100 percent of the time, that means your drivers license.
adult driver's ed 5. Driving = therapy. ------------------

Had a bad day? Driving really is one of the best ways to decompress and spend some quality time with yourself. Not to mention stress relieving jam sessions are totally on the table when you're alone in the car.
Please jam out safely 6. You get to be weird in the car. -------------------------------

Are you a carefully-curated-indie-music aficionado during the day, but a Carly Rae Jepsen fan in the dark of night? Sing your heart out in the privacy of your car, superstar.
adult driver's ed 7. Spontaneous road trips. -----------------------

The beauty of living in Texas is that you’ve got a host of magical road trip destinations at your fingertips. With your car, some good tunes, best friends, and the expanse of the beautiful landscape, you’ve got a lot of lifelong memories to make.
road trip 8. Long drives with podcasts are the best. ---------------------------------------

Podcasts are a commuter’s dream, and there are a ton of really high-quality ones out there. With the increasing number of long-form podcasts, it’s easier than ever to learn something new, have your mind blown or just get engrossed in one of many storytelling podcasts (like Homecoming!) all while you’re driving from point A to point B.
adult drivers ed 9. Some roads are just meant to be driven on. ------------------------------------------

The Bluebonnet Trail. West Texas. The Hill Country. Some roads are so beautiful it’d be a shame to not drive on them. If you venture out of Texas, be sure to check out El Camino Real in New Mexico, Pikes Peak and Trail Ridge Road in Colorado, and Route 12 in Utah.
adult drivers ed 10. Easier to buy alcohol (if you're 21 of course). -----------------------------------------------

All alcohol vendors accept driver's licenses as forms of identification. Some stores may not accept other forms of ID, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
adult driver's ed 11. And to get into bars and clubs. -------------------------------

There’ve been many a nightmare moments when my international friends who only had passports couldn’t get into bars or clubs. Some bouncers won’t accept anything but a valid drivers license. Don’t risk the chance of your night being ruined - a proper drivers license is the way to go for foolproof entry.
I JUST WANNA DANCE 12. You can stop relying on the charity of your friends, parents or Uber driver. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

As awesome as your friends or parents are, driving you around does get old after a while.
adult drivers ed Trying to get a ride anywhere before getting your license 13. Get as much as you want at the grocery store - you have the trunk space for it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Seriously, go wild. A whole pizza? Why not four?!
adult drivers ed 14. You no longer have to plan everything as far in advance. --------------------------------------------------------

When you can drive yourself, you cut down transportation time significantly. Instead of having to plan to get to the bus station ahead of time, relying on your friends or building in extra time for your bike commute, you can squeeze more in during your day.
Trying out who is taking you where when

Krista Doyle
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