19 Tweets that Describe the Woes of Driving in New York City

Many tales have been told about the traffic in the Big Apple. In a city of 8.4 billion, space to move around can be a little tight. Ugh, bumper to bumper gridlock, amiright? While some people take their frustration out by refusing to drive and relying on public transpo (which is amazing in NY), others head to Twitter to talk about it:

As told about in NYC fables

Not sure if people actually like New York City or if the traffic is so bad when they get here that they just never leave

— JON (@weinleinj) August 8, 2016

Honk if you’re happy! > I thought New York City had a traffic problem, turns out everyone is just honking joyously. — Titflex MacKenzie (@discountzen) July 30, 2016

Get it gurl! > New York City, where traffic signals are props for a photo shoot. #NYC #nyclife https://t.co/0SwOwUDkaz pic.twitter.com/5g4dXZ27o9 > > — Seth Miller (@WandrMe) July 24, 2016

We believe in you~ > The haters: "Are you okay driving in New York City?" Me: pic.twitter.com/BdGCLQWrl4 — Eric Clapp (@ericclapp01) July 28, 2016

Literally nowhere is safe > It's a traffic jam on the #eastriver today! Something big must be goin on upstream.... #nyc pic.twitter.com/Y4fEYQ7LeJ > > — Drew Powell (@thedrewpowell) August 7, 2016

“I drive really good. Usually.” > me driving around literal manhattan this morning lol pic.twitter.com/LOefJzbRrM — christina (@chhristinaa) August 12, 2016

Moooove, get out the way > Don't get me wrong I'm loving New York, but I'm missing my country roads where the only traffic is a cow that won't get out the way ? > > — Trista Morgan (@tristaaa_jo) July 31, 2016

Quality safe driving puppers 12/10 > Saw this good boy driving in New York traffic yesterday ?? pic.twitter.com/iFpoPD9mBG — literally Satan (@lilsweetstina) August 4, 2016

Oooh, watch out > Hilarious how driving in New York has perfected my art of giving people hostile stares and being able to keep the eye contact angrily > > — Rachael (@tbfhrach) August 3, 2016

Sometimes there is just no hope > Manhattan traffic is so slow i got out of the car, bought 3 hot dogs, then got back in the car — Bon Iver(sen) (@iversenaj) August 6, 2016

It is seriously neverending: > Y is it still traffic NY > > — IG: YFNLUCCI (@YFNLUCCI) August 3, 2016

> Only in NY can you be stuck in gridlock traffic at 11:42pm. ??? — Merrin Dungey (@RealMerrinD) July 31, 2016

Your world might actually be ending. Might as well cancel your plans. > From the traffic leaving Manhattan, it's difficult to tell whether it's the apocalypse or just a regular Friday > > — Rani Molla (@ranimolla) July 29, 2016

Turn back! > Driving to NYC and then getting into Manhattan pic.twitter.com/XwxYgd7gq9 > > — Mike (@MikeLagos23) August 12, 2016

Other dismal thoughts: > Driving in nyc is an actual nightmare — dommy (@dom_adelizzi) August 2, 2016

> driving in New York is one of the most scary experiences of my entire life > > — pimp daddy 916 (@tac0b3lla) July 31, 2016

> I hate driving in New York. The worst. — JadeTNA (@JadeTNA) July 30, 2016

> Traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway must be what purgatory is like. > > — Paul Iannacchino (@PIannacchino18) July 31, 2016

New York City driving is clearly some of the hardest to navigate in the entire country, with its huge mass of people and highly-congested streets; no wonder people run to Twitter to air their grievances about the whole entire thing.

While we love reading your Tweets of despair (keep 'em coming!), please do not Tweet and drive!

Krista Doyle
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