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19 Tweets that Describe the Woes of Driving in New York City

19 Tweets that Describe the Woes of Driving in New York City

Many tales have been told about the traffic in the Big Apple. In a city of 8.4 billion, space to move around can be a little tight. Ugh, bumper to bumper gridlock, amiright? While some people take their frustration out by refusing to drive and relying on public transpo (which is amazing in NY), others head to Twitter to talk about it:

As told about in NYC fables

Honk if you’re happy!
Get it gurl!
We believe in you~
Literally nowhere is safe
“I drive really good. Usually.”
Moooove, get out the way
Quality safe driving puppers 12/10
Oooh, watch out
Sometimes there is just no hope
It is seriously neverending:
Your world might actually be ending. Might as well cancel your plans.

Turn back!
Other dismal thoughts:

New York City driving is clearly some of the hardest to navigate in the entire country, with its huge mass of people and highly-congested streets; no wonder people run to Twitter to air their grievances about the whole entire thing.

While we love reading your Tweets of despair (keep ’em coming!), please do not Tweet and drive!

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