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19 Tweets That Prove San Diego Traffic Is The Worst

San Diego traffic can crush your soul. So where do San Diegans go to uplift their spirits? Twitter. Buried beneath the mountain of Kanye tweets, you’ll find fellow locals venting their frustration at another day stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Because we love you, we found you 19 tweets on San Diego traffic you are sure to relate to. I hope Manduka beat Lulemon. This sounds awful. DJ Dynamic gets us through the ? ? ? w/ ? ? . Agreed. “One Time” is ? ? ?. We all know this struggle. San Diego Traffic = The Unhappiest Place on Earth Don’t really care too much about health care tbh. ?? ?? ?? The traffic will make you question your existence & residence. Turn left, turn right 2x, then stop for 3 hours. ETA = Another Lifetime yep yep yep Raise your hand if this has happened to you.?? ?? ?? straight up disrespectful Let Mikini be great! Can’t ya girl catch a Padres game? ? for your boy rush hour dab Just be cool. There’s a lot to love about San Diego, but the traffic is not one of them. Just remember the next time you’re spending another fine afternoon on San Diego’s car-locked highways, you’ll be at the beach soon. Those people up North spend hours in traffic just so they can huddle around the fireplace.

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