19 Tweets That Prove San Diego Traffic Is The Worst

San Diego traffic can crush your soul. So where do San Diegans go to uplift their spirits? Twitter. Buried beneath the mountain of Kanye tweets, you'll find fellow locals venting their frustration at another day stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Because we love you, we found you 19 tweets on San Diego traffic you are sure to relate to. I hope Manduka beat Lulemon.

I seriously spent a 30 min ride in traffic listening to 2 women argue over whose yoga mat was better. #SDRideShareConfessions #SanDiego #SMH

— SDRideShare (@SDRideShare) August 4, 2016

This sounds awful. > Car sick+charter bus+ driving to San Diego in traffic = sad becca — ♡Rebecca♡ (@reboka18) July 29, 2016

DJ Dynamic gets us through the ? ? ? w/ ? ? . > Yo @DjDYNAMIQ rock that #imperial by @OGMITCHYSLICK on @Jamn957 Please bro this # #SanDiego traffic sucks Thanks for getting me home. > > — RICAN (@RICANWORLDWIDE) July 26, 2016

Agreed. "One Time" is ? ? ?. > @MarianHillMusic Sway album is ???? those beats tho... Getting me through this San Diego traffic ??? — Kat Atienza (@kaat_atienza)

We all know this struggle. > I think San Diego is a magical out of reach land. Somehow getting further away in this traffic jam > > — Julia Camara (@juliamca) July 22, 2016

San Diego Traffic = The Unhappiest Place on Earth > The traffic from San Diego to Irvine is worse than being in a line for a ride at Disneyland ??? — Caroline Tran (@CarolineTran_) July 9, 2016

Don't really care too much about health care tbh. > I'll vote for whoever can end San Diego traffic tbh > > — Kaity (@kaitybuerger) July 22, 2016

?? ?? ?? > San Diego traffic blows. Like. Never again. pic.twitter.com/2pTvSx4Nbe — K_E_L_L_Y (@Lees_BiggestFan) August 7, 2016

The traffic will make you question your existence & residence. > Do I live in LA? San Diego traffic is the worst these days..... > > — StephanieNicole (@soulutionaryone) August 5, 2016

Turn left, turn right 2x, then stop for 3 hours. > No matter what shortcut you take in San Diego you will still be in traffic — KayKardashian (@_mooiee) July 26, 2016

ETA = Another Lifetime > Apple finally added Transit to Apple Maps for San Diego. ...Now you can see how long your going to be in traffic. > > —  Daniel Burns (@DBurnsOfficial) July 25, 2016

yep yep yep > San Diego traffic during comic con — summer (@summiesumsum)

Raise your hand if this has happened to you.?? ?? ?? > PSA: San Diego ComicCon traffic is HORRIFIC. (Parking is even worse) pic.twitter.com/UBHZFNmtY3 > > — LauBay (@LauBayOUAT) July 20, 2016

straight up disrespectful > The traffic headed south to San Diego is so disrespectful — THE REAL T.D.E. (@MelloRello3) July 16, 2016

Let Mikini be great! > San Diego traffic won't let me be great today! > > — Mikini Williams (@MikiniWilliams) July 15, 2016

Can't ya girl catch a Padres game? > So much traffic in downtown San Diego and ya girl's just tryin to get to a Padres game, ah come on — Torrey (@TorreyCallahan) July 3, 2016

? for your boy > Pray for your boy to get off early so he can miss all the traffic on the way to San Diego ? > > — Trill Clinton (@KBdropTheNuts) July 22, 2016

rush hour dab > going to San Diego and I see people doing dabs in heir car Bc hella traffic — ruth ann (@ruthguppy) July 3, 2016

Just be cool. > This is how I would calm traffic throughout Downtown #SanDiego if asked... pic.twitter.com/uvjRMoCYrR > > — Howard Blackson (@hblackson) August 4, 2016

There's a lot to love about San Diego, but the traffic is not one of them. Just remember the next time you're spending another fine afternoon on San Diego's car-locked highways, you'll be at the beach soon. Those people up North spend hours in traffic just so they can huddle around the fireplace.

Krista Doyle
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