20 Tweets That Accurately Sum Up Driving in the Bay Area

Bay Area traffic... am I right? Everyone who lives in the area knows the struggles that are the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco hills during rush hour (who am I kidding - isn't every hour rush hour in San Fran?).

We took to Twitter to see what people had to say about driving in the Bay Area:

In California traffic wars, we all know LA is king, but is Bay Area traffic really worse than LA traffic or even Miami traffic? These people seem to think so.

San Francisco traffic is worse than la traffic ??

— Megan Elizabeth (@Megan_Troutman_) August 7, 2016

> San Francisco traffic is making me miss LA right now ????? #OscarAndEmmasFirstAdventure https://t.co/tnJOazcBit > > — Emma Goode (@Emma_Goode3) July 28, 2016

> didn't think there was anything worse than Miami traffic, yet here I am still sitting in San Francisco traffic.... — isa (@isamojaress)

San Fran: known for its extreme traffic and low-hanging clouds > Two things San Francisco will never run out of: Traffic and Fog. > > — Ashley M. (@Ashley8053) July 28, 2016

> It's so foggy in San Francisco I didn't realize we were driving on the golden gate bridge — Kaylie Barron (@kayliebear_) July 31, 2016

The traffic can be compared to... > Cool facts driving in San Francisco is a lot like driving in hell > > — Ben Mendelsohn (@bendelsohn) July 29, 2016

> Driving stick shift in stop and go traffic in San Francisco is pretty damn close to what I think hell would be like. — Melissa O'Brien (@MellieBby5) July 22, 2016

Literally soul crushing > Bay Area traffic: where you're 18 miles away from your destination, but you're still an hour away from your destination. > > — Jessica Kleinschmidt (@KleinschmidtJD) August 6, 2016

> me and trev have been driving for an hour and a half in San Fran and haven't even made it to the freeway. traffic is dope > > — megan nelson (@mnels16) July 30, 2016

On a positive note - > There's enough time to listen to Cher's "Believe" 120 times when driving between San Fran and LA — Grace Jacobsen (@gracobsen) July 17, 2016

Bay Area driving has some distinct features: > You know you're back in Bay Area when you're on a highway with Tesla on your right, Google self-driving car on your left & Prius in front. — Anna Pawlicka (@AnnaPawlicka) July 24, 2016

> So far in San Fran traffic we have passed a guy on his motorcycle texting while he's driving and a guy playing a trumpet while driving. Wow > > — jason fitz (@jasonfitz) November 8, 2015

> Some San Fran entertainment while stuck in traffic ? pic.twitter.com/toLmYQ0C2u — Olivia Camera (@Oliviaa_Cameraa) October 25, 2015

Some basic overviews and general feelings: > Now to pick a random SF restaurant for dinner and hide out there for 2.5 hours until the quagmire that is bay area traffic has settled. > > — Gentleman Tanuki (@TanukiDad) August 8, 2016

> San Francisco traffic is some of the CRAZIEST I've seen. My streak of not missing flights is over lol. — Kenneth Bradley (@KBradJStorm) August 3, 2016

> San Francisco traffic is absolutely crazy!! -2/10 do not recommend > > — Jeffrey Wang (@jeffwang16) July 20, 2016

> I hate you, San Francisco traffic. > > — Sarah Guo (@saranormous) June 18, 2016

> San Francisco traffic: world's worst — Adrian Dater (@adater) June 14, 2016

> San fran traffic :( — DansGaming (@Dansgaming) August 4, 2016

Bay Area traffic pic.twitter.com/KousaSwRxv

— lizzy avila-morales (@_LIZZYPANTZ) July 28, 2016

Oof, we feel your pain. Those traffic woes are real. Just keep chuggin' along, fam, and thanks for taking to Twitter with your frustration. Also, remember: Tweeting and driving is not cool. Save your witty tweets and trumpet playing for when you're riding shotgun.

Krista Doyle
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