5 Easy High-Paying Jobs for Florida High School Students

Spring break is approaching, Florida kiddos. And if you're not playing sand volleyball on Miami Beach, it's time to work work, work, work, work (credit Rihanna). We know you've gotsta pay the bills this spring, from filling up your gas tank to picking out the perfect prom tux, so we're here to help. These five jobs don't require a lot of training and will fill up your pockets fast. You better werk.

Golf Caddie - $800/Week

maxresdefault There's more than 1,000 golf courses in Florida, so I'm pretty sure there's no shortage of caddie jobs. If you can carry a 50-lb bag, talk to old dudes about par and own an argyle sweater, this is the gig for you. Free Arnold Palmers may or may not be a benefit of the job.

Pool Cleaner - $15/Hour

pool-cleaner Want to get your feet wet in a lucrative industry? Pool cleaning. The state of Florida has the second most pool companies per capita. That's a lot of chlorine. And since it's warm in the Sunshine State year-round, I'm sure you'll never run out of business.

Bartender - $25,000/Year

Nick-Bar-New-Girl If you're 18, you can get a bartending gig in Florida with no certification required. Even better, if you live in cities like Fort Lauderdale, Naples and Tampa, bartender salaries there far exceed the national average. Start learning how to make a Fuzzy Navel.

Stable Hand - $10/Hour

1424672119yEi9lo8hykglfRGei04yzPOvbRW Get off your high horse and start mucking stalls. It's not the most glamorous job, but hey, you get to hang out with animals. Florida has one of the largest horse populations in the nation, so you can probably find an opening near you. Riding lessons just might be free, too.

Elsa - $8.20/Hour

maxresdefault-1 If your dream is to sing "Let It Go," alongside screaming six-year-olds, Disney is pretty much continuously hiring part-time princesses. Job requirements: Be skinny, blonde and tall. In other words, be Blake Lively. Guess I'll dress up as the delusional snowman instead.

Krista Doyle
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