Celebrate Single's Awareness Day Instead of Valentine's Day

  1. Sleep. A lot. Fluffy pillows + clean sheets is a real true love.

  2. Visit a puppy shelter #cuddletime

  3. Change your birthday on Facebook to Valentine’s Day. Happy Birthday to you!
  4. Go to McDonald’s and order your meal rap style (aka like a boss)
  5. Start a controversial Game of Thrones conversation on Reddit.
  6. Go for a long run. See how many T-Swift albums you can get through.
  7. Hit up your corner froyo spot and go ham with the toppings. Extra cookie dough plz.
  8. Host a game night with your best friends. Love is only worth 7 points in Scrabble.
  9. Read the daily newspaper cover to cover.
  10. Three words: Star. Wars. Marathon.
  11. Frame a pic of your celeb crush. Lookin’ at you McConaughey.
  12. Experiment with new yoga poses. Or just child pose on repeat.
  13. Wear fuzzy socks ALL DAY.
  14. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers and write a flirty note. Hehe, no, YOU’RE perfect.
  15. Go see a live show and dance, dance, dance.
  16. Go to the grocery store and buy fancy cheese and crackers. And we mean reallll fancy.
  17. Find a corner in an old bookstore and curl up with a classic.
  18. Make a sheetcake! Recipe recs here .
  19. Go to the Apple Store and draw silly pics on all the iPads.
  20. Build a playlist of the greatest songs of all time.
  21. Challenge yourself to remember all the state capitals. Reward yourself with a gummy bear if you get one right.
  22. Go for a long bike ride on the beach* (*Must have a beach nearby)
  23. Buy a new video game
  24. Bubble bath, all day er’day.
  25. Take it old school: tv dinner and a movie (Top pick: Stouffer’s Mac n’ Cheese)
  26. Make a cup of tea and put in extra honey.
  27. Get a facial. Ahhh.
  28. Take your dog to a dog park. No dog? Take yourself to a dog park.
  29. Wear denim on denim. Get complimented on the Canadian Tuxedo all day!
  30. Go to a local spin class. ONLY HOT PEOPLE SWEAT. Get it?
  31. Buy a candle with a comforting scent. Team #pumpkinspice
  32. Make yourself a personal pizza with your fave toppings.
  33. See how many constellations you can identify in the sky. Better yet, make a few up and shock your friends with your plethora of astrology knowledge!
  34. Get a haircut. Swish your head around the rest of the day, feelin’ yourself.
  35. Go to Sonic between 2 and 4 for happy hour. Cherry limeades got you.
  36. Try and beat your step count record on your Fitbit.
  37. Binge like you’ve never before binged on Netflix. The Great British Baking Show anyone?
  38. Live tweet the whole time. Lose or gain followers? That is the question.
  39. Help your mom with her taxes. KIDDING.
  40. Try an unfamiliar dish and follow the recipe to a T.
  41. Strike up friendly conversation with your barista, or even pass a handwritten note of encouragement to your tollbooth attendant.
  42. Get a brand new coloring book and set of colored pencils. DON’T stay within the lines, how ‘bout that?
  43. Dig out the puzzle your grandma gave you three Christmases ago and take a stab at it.
  44. Set your alarm early and go for a sunrise hike.
  45. Visit your local penny candy store. Stock up on Pez refills!
  46. De-pill your sweaters. Trust us, it’s therapeutic.
  47. Watch the big game with your family.
  48. Rearrange your room. Feel like a new you.
  49. Watch a youtube how-to. Add juggling to your resume.
  50. Get a mani/pedi. Boys too.
  51. Upload a stock engagement ring pic to your social media accounts...wait for the congratulations texts and comments to come flooding in...Got ‘em!
Krista Doyle
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