8 Car Accessories Every '90s Driver Had

The '90s were a time of weird trends, questionable preferences, and really good boy bands. Car accessories were no exception. Here are 8 accessories every '90s driver likely had or encountered at some point in their lives.

1. Car phone

Before the days of the iPhone, we had the clunky car phone. Car phones were especially popular throughout the late 80s and early '90s, but eventually went obsolete as mobile phones became lighter and more affordable during the latter half of the '90s.

2. Crybabies

Hotrod and muscle car enthusiasts will remember this bizarre trend that involved dressing up a toddler-sized doll and posing it to lean on a hot rod. The goal was to make it look like it was leaning on the front of the car, face buried in its arms, and crying. Did we mention just how weird the '90s were?

3. Backseat menageries

Hatchbacks, station wagons, and sedans were popular vehicles for displaying impressive collections of dolls, bobbleheads and stuffed animals. What else were those Beanie Babies for, if not to be on full display in your back window?

4. Add-on cup holders

If your car was built before the mid-90s, it was likely that it did not come with cup holders. Enter the add-on cup holder, the perfect way to keep your Pepsi from spilling all over your lap.

5. Multi-disc CD player

Before the smartphone and satellite radio, there was the multi-disc CD player, which boasted a system that allowed for six CDs stacked inside your dashboard. These bad boys were essential musts for seamless, endless music on those long road trips across the country.

6. Cigarette lighter

I’ll admit - I still didn’t know how car cigarette lighters worked until I started researching for this article. Here’s how: You push the lighter in, wait 30 seconds, then take the lighter out again. The orange coil at the end of the lighter should be glowing; this is what you use to light your cigarette. This frankly dangerous contraption has now been replaced with the USB port for our mobile devices (and ashtrays also began disappearing in the mid-90s).

7. Seat covers (especially furry ones)

Seat covers got creative throughout the '90s, which furry and brightly-colored covers being the most favored. You weren’t a teen in the '90s if you didn’t have a furry and fuzzy seat cover, that’s for sure.

8. Nodding dashboard ornaments

Nodding dogs and hula-hooping girls were the most popular, but you could also expect to find some extremely out-there nodding creations if you looked hard enough.

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Krista Doyle
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