The Seven Things You Will Love or Hate About Drivers Ed

Hey y’all I’m Martha, a Junior at Akins High School in Austin and I’m a new Aceable Ambassador. I love this job because I get to help y’all become better drivers.  Since I just finished drivers ed, there’s some things I love and hate that I want to share with you.While taking drivers ed you will have some stuff you’re going to like and dislike about it. Most would be advantages you’re going to learn from taking drivers ed. But after all, everything you’re going to learn in that course will be super helpful for you to become a great driver.

Things you will love about taking a drivers ed course:

1)  One thing that you will absolutely love about taking drivers ed will be taking your course in the new drivers ed app now available for you on your iPhone or iPad. I know for sure you will love it because it’s accessible right in your hand at any time of the day, and you are not going to be going back and forth to a driving school just like I had to do. Trust me, it gets very tiring after a while.2) Another thing you will love about taking a drivers ed course will be what you get out of it. You will have an advantage over other people. This course will teach you everything about the roads, the rules, and the street signs. I was astonished when I started to learn about all of those things because I didn’t know how much there was to know, and most of the drivers out there aren’t well educated on the rules.3) Taking drivers ed has many great advantages but one that you would love would be learning the importance of safety rules you might know already, but maybe not. They will re-enforce the practices about distractions on the road, such as your phone, or any object you would have in your vehicle that might distract you; or even another driver, and you will learn safety hazards to not cause any kind of accident on the road.4)  A great help that drivers ed would do for you, and that you’ll like, is that there’s a lot of more people or resources to go to if you need help or have a question about anything. People, like the awesome Aceable team, will have the patience to help you and ease any doubts you have about the course.

Things you will hate about taking a drivers ed course:

5)  I know for sure one thing we all as teenagers will hate about drivers ed — taking our time out of our days. We want to hang out with our friends and have a good time, or just be lazy at home, but instead we are going to be learning how to drive, and it’s going to get on all of our nerves at some point. Again, Aceable comes in handy because you aren’t stuck in a classroom or glued to your computer screen for hours.6) Another thing we will hate about drivers ed will be how long it’s going to take for us to get our license. We are going to be pretty hesitant about waiting for our license to get to our hands because we want to feel and be free. I guess in the grand scheme of things, the process isn’t that long but it kind of feels like it when you’re going through it.7)   Another reason why teenagers get annoyed with drivers ed course will be how the course and all the things involved with it, seems just like school. You have to pay attention to every little thing and learn it so you could be ready for your actual test to get your license. Fortunately, Aceable is funnier than my boring science teacher.

I listed some of the many reasons why people will love and hate taking a drivers ed course. At the end of the day, it does not matter if you like it or not. Everything the course teaches you is for a reason, and a good reason, to make you a great driver! It all has its advantages. What do you love or hate about drivers ed? I’m curious to know.  Let me know in the comments below.

Check out the Aceable app and if you decide you want to buy the course, go to this link and enter the code Martha10 at checkout to get $10 bucks off the course. You’re welcome!