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Aceable Discovers Its Green Thumb at Urban Roots Farm

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We're experts on drivers ed, but how much does Aceable know about farming? After a morning spent volunteering at Urban Roots Farm, we know when a bean is right for harvesting, how to wash squash and why it's important to slather one's body in insect repellant (thanks, mutant mosquitoes). More importantly, we learned about an awesome volunteer and leadership opportunity in the Austin area that we get to share with all of you! Check out our photos from Urban Roots and see if you'd like to join the incredible farming team there sometime soon.

We spent the morning volunteering at @urbanrootsatx, a non-profit farm in Austin. 40% of produce goes to local soup kitchens and food pantries, and the other 60% is sold at farmers markets. #UrbanRootsAtx #TeamAceableServes

Head to the Urban Roots booth at the Austin Farmers' Market 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. every Saturday throughout November and December. There, youth interns will provide you with an excellent customer service experience and answer questions you may have about the fresh produce.

[imgae src="" remote="true"] [@urbanrootsatx develops local youth by teaching them good farming practices and the importance of having access to fresh foods. Their youth interns then lead volunteers on morning work activities! #UrbanRootsAtx #TeamAceable](

Urban Roots teaches teens to lead, serve their community and learn the value of hard work through sustainable farming practices. Teen interns have a variety of opportunities at Urban Roots, including cooking food, working in soup kitchens, running stands at farmers' markets and guiding farm volunteers.

Cucumbers for everyone! #UrbanRootsAtx #TeamAceableServes

Found these cauliflower plants a good home. #UrbanRootsAtx #TeamAceableServes

Aceable had a great time working with the friendly folks at Urban Roots and recommend it as a volunteer activity for individuals and corporate groups alike! Thanks, Urban Roots -- we can't wait to eat the yummy veggies we brought home! The Aceable Team at @UrbanRootsAtx this morning! #UrbanRootsAtx #TeamAceableServes

Krista Doyle