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Aceable Executive Receives Civic Engagement Award

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One of Aceable's core values is to help others, and no one takes that principle more seriously than Chief Product Offer Erin Defosse. The longtime Austin technology leader and current executive at Aceable was recently recognized for his civic engagement efforts by the Austin League of Women Voters, who presented him with a Making Democracy Work award.


Defosse earned the honor for his initiatives with TechVotes, a non-partisan, non-profit organization he founded in 2016 to help register and engage voters in the Austin tech community. Though TechVotes is not affiliated with Aceable, Defosse said his work here inspired him to establish the organization.

Recognizing that the same concepts guiding Aceable's mission could be used to educate young professionals on voter registration and the issues, Defosse helped foster a culture of civic engagement at tech companies throughout the city, he said. TechVotes' efforts last year included signing up voters and organizing other voter outreach activities.

Congratulations, Erin! We at Aceable are so proud!

For more information on TechVotes, visit the organization's website.

Krista Doyle