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Aceable's Favorite Tweets of the Week: May 7-13

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What a week, what a week. On Sunday, we celebrated our moms, and by Wednesday, most of us were in fights with our moms. In other news, our boy Steph Curry with the shot was named MVP, Instagram used Microsoft Word to design its new logo (allegedly!), and ATX said, "Bye Felicia," to Uber and Lyft. Through it all, your tweets were there to keep us smiling brighter than Taylor Swift's new bleach blonde hair. Here are the best tweet of the week for May 7-13.

Sugar we're (my immune system, GPA, and bank account) going down swinging — Tori Moore (@torim00re) May 9, 2016

> hmu if you wanna hold hands > > — J (@luvsigh)

> Name 3 of Mother's Day's albums > > — Aaron, from the web. (@_frickaaron) May 8, 2016

> I'm suspicious of attractive people finding me attractive.? — EMƎ♿️ (@EM3_Music) May 13, 2016

> When the fish you catch is from Houston > > — My Name Jeff (@GoodJeffHunting) May 12, 2016

> when you're mad at someone but y'all have a streak on snapchat.. — kristen n (@kdnkristen)

> how do i tell my parents im adopted > > — Brian Imanuel (@richchigga) May 10, 2016

Krista Doyle