The Perfect Drivers Ed for Busy Students

At Aceable, we understand that both parents and students are busy with work and school, so we’ve developed our app to help you out specifically. Check out these reasons why!

Aceable can be done any time, any place

Think about all that time you’re spending in the car with your teen. All that time could be spent doing drivers ed with Aceable’s Drivers Ed app! Think about it:

  • How much time is spent is spent in transit? Whether going to practice, being picked up from school, or just sitting in the car or bus, that’s all valuable time your student could be using to complete drivers ed.
  • Your teen is usually on his or her phone during that time anyway, right? Instead of playing games or texting friends, he or she could be working on Aceable!
  • Making time for a trip to the DPS to get your teen’s permit can take a good chunk out of your day.  Your teen can now take the actual DPS written knowledge test in our course for his or her permit, making your trip to the DPS a lot shorter.
  • In theory, your teen could finish drivers ed entirely in the car if he or she wanted to (and you’d be sitting right next to them the whole time!)

Foster some in-car conversation

Aceable is parent-taught drivers ed after all, so while your teen is working on Aceable, it gives you a great (and time efficient) opportunity to talk driving with him or her.

  • One awesome plus is that while your student works on the Aceable Drivers Ed app, you’ll be right there in the driver’s seat, ready to answer any question he or she might throw at you.
  • With Aceable’s Parent Monitoring Tools, you can do a quick check before hopping in the car to see where your teen is in the program, giving you a good idea of what driving topics to talk about.

Motivation and inspiration!

Since teens can complete Aceable Drivers Ed on his or her own time and pace, it’s completely up to them to get it done – i.e. a good chance to learn about time management.

  • Before Aceable, all the down time spent waiting (for rides) couldn’t be used to work on drivers ed. But Aceable changed all that, and it’s a great way to teach students to use their time wisely to get tasks done!
  • Like your teen, you’re busy too! Use Aceable to your advantage. We do the hard labor of teaching the drivers ed material, all you need to do is take care of everything behind the wheel. Aceable should inspire your teen to work for that license, and inspire you to push them toward their goal! (Then you can go back to being mom and dad instead of chauffeur.)

If you’re the parent of a busy student, definitely consider getting Aceable Drivers Ed. It’ll make their (and your) life easier!