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Aceable Interviews Chevrolet on New 'Teen Driver' Tool

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Aceable prides itself on being an innovator in the Drivers Ed industry, and we look to other companies who are finding creative solutions for keeping people safe on the road. One of those companies is Chevrolet, whose new "Teen Driver" system offers families a way to instill safe behaviors behind the wheel. The system acts as a teaching tool for young drivers, alerting them about dangerous behaviors and compiling these behaviors into a "report card" that teens can review with their parents. It also allows parents to set speed limits and disable radio volume, among other safety features.

Aceable and Chevrolet are both finding creative ways to keep teen drivers safe on the road.

Curious if Teen Driver is right for your family? Aceable interviewed Chevrolet Safety Engineer MaryAnn Beebe about the car company's brand-new teaching tool. Check it out!

1. Aceable is a Drivers Ed service, and many of our students are practicing behind the wheel in conjunction with taking our online course. Would you recommend using Teen Driver as learning tool during Drivers Ed? If so, why?

I think Teen Driver can be a useful tool in any learning situation. It gives drivers and instructors the opportunity to have an open discussion about their experience behind the wheel and see where they can improve.

2. For parents who don’t consider themselves “tech-saavy,” how user-friendly is this technology? More specifically, can you walk us through the process of how parents are able to monitor and analyze their teens’ driving habits with this tool?

Teen Driver is a simple, efficient tool for all users. [Below] is a fact sheet of how the tool can be utilized.

2016_FF_Chevrolet_TEEN-DRIVER-FINAL3. While it certainly seems most parents would be on-board for a technology that helps keep their teens safe, how do you think teens feel about mom and dad monitoring them on the road?

I’m sure some teens may have some concerns or even frustrations with feeling monitored, but Teen Driver is really there to help, and even in some instances, protect them while behind the wheel. It also gives teens an opportunity to show their parents that they’ve been driving responsibly and build their parents' trust.

4. One of the major distractions for teen drivers is their mobile devices, which your tool does not address. What are your suggestions for parents who are interested in Teen Driver, but concerned about its inability to protect against texting and driving?

Our system has a lot of hands free features that enable drivers to make calls or even send and receive messages while keeping their eyes on the road, by using voice commands.

5. For decades, students have been learning to drive solely with help from parents or professional instructors, but technology like Teen Driver is changing that. In your opinion, how is this technology making teens safer on the road than ever before?

Teen Driver is the first feature of its kind in the industry to offer a “report card,” which is designed as a teaching tool. This tool can be used by parents and professional instructors alike to increase safe driving habits amongst teen drivers. It allows parents to continue to coach their new drivers, even when they can’t be in the car with them.

Krista Doyle