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Exclusive Savings With Aceable Plus

Learn more about drivers ed and get exclusive offers

We’re excited to announce our new program: Aceable Plus, an exclusive club (re: highly exclusive) for all Aceable students and grads- that could be you!

For those of you totally new to Aceable, allow us to give a brief intro. Our drivers ed program is both convenient and comprehensive, allowing you to skip the classroom and earn your learner permit at your own pace on our state-approved mobile platform. The program is highly interactive, keeping you engaged while informed, and is the shortest course allowed by law- this means you’ll save a TON of time. You can take your permit test in-app and have your completion certificate processed immediately.

Once, you’ve signed up, you’ve officially gained access to Aceable Plus and all of its perks. Check out some of the awesome partnerships we’ve made to bring you exclusive discounts:

1. AllState:

AllState Image courtesy of:

You’ll be in good hands with 6 FREE months of roadside assistance (this is a $49 value!). With the membership, you’ll get be able to call for a helping hand with all kinds of roadside issues from jump-starting your car to changing a flat tire to towing. Out of gas? They’ve got you. Locked out? Call ‘em right up. Allstate is a reliable friend whenever you’re in a bind.

2. TrueCar:

truecar Image courtesy of: The Truth About Cars

After you get your license, you’ll likely be in the market for a new car. TrueCar allows you to see what other people paid for the same car- both brand new and used. Customers save an average of $3K off suggested retail and can get exclusive discounts on used cars. With AceablePlus, you’ll get an additional $100-300 off your purchase. You can take advantage of those discounts here.

3. Kaplan Test Prep:

Image courtesy of Kaplan

Okay, while you may not be too excited for this one, your parents will LOVE you for it. Kaplan has online and in-person SAT and ACT prep courses. They even guarantee that your test score will improve, or you get your money back. Use coupon code ACE50 for $50 off Kaplan's Self-Paced program or ACE150 for $150 off larger packages. And if that isn’t enough to keep you busy, you can use ACE50 for $50 off AP Review Online courses.

4. Current:

current debit card

Learn financial responsibility and gain freedom with Current. Aceable students get 3 free months with Current when they sign up. Parents can load money onto the account and track spending while teens can shop online, add their card to Apple Pay and experience the ease of having their own debit card.

So, you ready to join yet?

Krista Doyle