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Aceable Spotify Takeover: THRILLCHASER

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We all know that roadtrips are nothing without a good playlist. That's why Aceable is teaming up with some of your favorite artists to create amazing playlists for you to take on the road! This week, we're handing over the Spotify reigns to THRILLCHASER. Excited to show off their very different tastes, bandmates Rob, Rod, and Nikki were up for the challenge of creating the most roadtrippable playlist imaginable.

“Something I really enjoy about being in THRILLCHASER is that all three of us come from very different musical backgrounds; which I think this 15-track Roadtrip Playlist certainly demonstrates," says bassist Rob Lundy. "You can always tell exactly who has control over the aux in our van based on what’s coming through the speakers. After driving a van & trailer all over the U.S. and back numerous times, I truly understand the importance of good music on a long drive." In keeping with their diverse backgrounds, each member of THRILLCHASER added their top 5 picks. Let the jamming begin!


1. "Shadows" - The Midnight

2. "Headspace" - The Wombats

3. "Me" - The 1975

4. "Reptilia" - The Strokes

5. "Not Now" - Blink 182


6. "1985 - Intro to 'The Fall Off'" - J. Cole

7. "Find Yourself" - Great Good Fine OK/Before You Exit

8. "My Thoughts On You" - The Band Camino

9. "On My Own" - The Evening

10. "Getting Over You" - Lauv


11. "Everybody Lost Somebody" - Bleachers

12. "High Five" - Sigrid

13. "Kids in Love" - The Night Game

14. "Last One" - The Aces

15. "Really Scared" - Lil Dicky

Formerly known as American Wolves, THRILLCHASER is an alternative pop/rock band from the Northeast. You can find more of THRILLCHASER at or by checking them out on:








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