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Aceable Joins 'Work From Home' Friday During Obama Visit

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Aceable takes mayor up on 'work from home' Friday During Obama Visit [via CBS Austin] At the request of Austin Mayor Steve Adler, Aceable Driver's Ed allowed employees to work from home to help relieve traffic issues during President Obama's visit to South By Southwest. "My goal is to try to get some of our Aceable team and go to someone's house everyone just hang out and do work from one person's house that's maybe not in the downtown area," says Aceable Customer experience Representative Nick Frank. Many Aceable employees have the luxury of still being able to do their jobs when they aren't in the office. "If we're able to work from home and get some of that congestion down maybe that'll help some of the other people that do have to be down here," Frank says. Read about Aceable's efforts to help alleviate traffic, and more about the city's response to the mayor's proposal, at CBS Austin

Krista Doyle