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Switch It Up: Aceable Tracks Progress Across Devices

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Aceable was created as a more modern, convenient way to take required certification courses on a wide range of devices. We think you should be able to work on your drivers ed or defensive driving class whenever and wherever you want. That’s why we don’t limit students to just one electronic device.

Aceable works on computers, tablets, and phones Isn't technology wonderful?

Take Aceable on Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer

Aceable is everywhere but a boring classroom. You can work on your driving course from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Aceable is available on web, iOS, and Android. That pretty much covers any screen on which you want to take your course. Even better: You don’t have to pick just one. Switching is easy. So take a break from the course whenever you want, and resume on a different device.

Aceable tracks progress across devices You can effortlessly switch from one device to another with Aceable.

Switch Between Devices

You can freely switch between devices without worrying about losing your progress in the course. That means you can work on drivers ed at home on your computer, switch to the Aceable app your smartphone while you’re on the go, then switch back to your computer when you get home. The work you’ve already done is tied to your Aceable account, not the device you’re using. You don’t even have to click “Save” or take any special actions. From the Aceable dashboard, you can resume the course from exactly the right place with just the click of a button! Just make sure that you’re using the same email address when you log on using a different device. Creating multiple accounts will cause confusion.

You won't believe how convenient Aceable is So convenient, it’ll blow your mind.

Krista Doyle