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Aceable and Vince Young Take on Drunk Driving

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The holiday season is fast approaching, meaning law enforcement can expect to see the rates of impaired driving and DWI arrests rise. With the development and availability of rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber, a safe ride home is just the swipe of a finger away. Why then do we continue to see so many DWI arrests and alcohol related accidents each year? One reason is that people just don't think it's going to happen to them. They don't think they're over the limit. They don't think they'll get caught. They don't think they'll come by any negative consequences. They think they're invincible.

That's why Aceable has teamed up with someone who once thought he was invincible himself, former University of Texas quarterback Vince Young. You probably remember the rush of excitement you felt as you watched Vince make the last-minute game-winning touchdown against University of Southern California in the Rose Bowl of 2006. If you've followed Vince after his notorious claim to fame, it's likely that you also remember the moment Vince realized he wasn't all that invincible after all, the moment new of his DWI arrest in 2016 hit the stands. Here's a quick news clip from Fox 7 news on the partnership:

Vince Young and Aceable Take on Impaired Driving

In 2016 Vince Young was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Since that time he's decided to turn his mistakes into an opportunity to educate others on the dangers of drinking and driving. His main goal? To set a better example for his fans. To pull a quote from Vince's interview with the Houston Chronicle, Vince cites the following as the moment he decided he wanted to take action and make a difference: "What really hit me was the videos and the classes I took," Young said when asked about what make him want to take on this challenge. "What really opened my eyes, not just the point of drinking and driving, but how you can really injure someone else driving while you're intoxicated. That really hit me because of hearing the stories of different younger kids in college. Some kids weren't even drinking, somebody else hit them and they lost their life or were not able to even walk again. So those stories really hit home."

Young has worked with Aceable to create a number of public service announcements about the dangers of drinking and driving, and will also appear in Aceable's defensive driving and drivers education courses to share his personal story and experiences with students. The new "Keep the Drive Alive" campaign aims to bring awareness to the issue and share the message that no one is invincible, not even the heroic quarterback who won the game-winning touchdown. Check out the PSA here:

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Aceable's CEO Blake Garrett thought the partnership was the perfect way to turn a negative experience into a positive message for Aceable students. "Vince and I have known each other for about a year and started just talking about how we could take his impact in our community and the community in Texas and maybe beyond that to change habits with people around driving," Garrett said. "Vince graciously has shared a pretty dramatic experience of his own with others to help them learn from a mistake that he made. The impact is huge."

Aceable students can see Vince's story featured in the Texas Parent-Taught Driver Education, Texas Defensive Driving, Texas Adult Driver Education and Texas Instructor Taught Driver Education courses available at

Behind the Scenes

Check out some of our favorite moments from Vince's collaboration with our team!

Vince Young Aceable UT Vince sporting his Aceable gear at the Longhorns stadium

Vince Young Longhorn Network Filming with the Longhorn Network!

vince young behind the scenes Behind the scenes of our on-location shoot

vince young behind the scenes

> Aceable Vince Young > > > > Hook ‘em... Trojans??! ? This morning, @vinceyoung10 stopped by the @aceable headquarters to shoot a @fox7austin segment about our anti-drunk driving campaign, and @jsarkissianfox7 was all-too-happy to make sure he didn’t welch on a recent @texasfootball bet. (video courtesy of @jsarkissianfox7) > > A post shared by Aceable Driving (@aceable) on Nov 17, 2017 at 8:25am PST

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