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Aceable's Favorite Tweets of the Week

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Memorial Day has come and gone and summer is HERE. Goodbye alarm clocks and pop quizzes, hello pool floaties and Netflix. This week, tweets about being out of school were king, along with those caveman spongebob memes (amiright, @justice_lozano?), and some lamenting about trying to reach those summer bod goals (you can do it, @LXRDPETTY). So sit back and relax, because even if that rumored new Frank Ocean doesn't drop today, at least our favorite tweets did.

  1. "you're so annoying on Twitter"

    — Bae Feelings ღ (@GirlfriendNotes) June 3, 2016

  2. so annoying when people don't want to let you into their lane even though your lane is ending!! I'm sorry but I no longer have a lane so pls

    — maria (@MariaaP53) June 3, 2016

  3. Trying to find your family after graduation

    — Justice Lozano (@justice_lozano) June 3, 2016

  4. Him: "you cant wear that"
    "You mines"
    "Where you think you going"
    "Why you like his picture"

    — The Princess (@slvmmb) June 3, 2016


    — Karen (@_frickaaron) June 3, 2016

  6. ain't no summer body bih ?

    — flashy (@LXRDPETTY)

  7. When you're finally out of school, but then you remember about summer projects

    — Carmen Moreno (@princessparm) June 3, 2016



    — ❃ (@NosiphoAamori) June 2, 2016

  9. when your whole family's insane, so you just gotta go with it @chloeebeal

    — Isabel Kaczmarek (@isykaz) June 2, 2016

  10. Do u guys ever get stressed out when u eat because u want the last bite to be the best one of them all but you're torn on which to choose

    — Tori Moore (@torim00re) June 3, 2016

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