Do Austinites Know The Traffic Laws? Aceable Hits the Street

Ask anyone who just came from rush hour traffic, and they’ll complain that “no one in this city knows how to drive!” The only people worse behind the wheel? Drivers in other cities, of course. Here at Aceable, we have to be knowledgeable about all sorts of obscure traffic laws - some we had admittedly forgotten about since we took drivers ed as teenagers. This got us wondering: how well do Austin drivers actually know their traffic laws?

We hit the streets of downtown Austin to quiz random people about some of the trickier questions from drivers ed. See how much they knew, get the correct answers, and (most importantly) check out the grumpy bicyclist’s photobomb at 03:20.

Not to brag, but Austin has some pretty smart drivers. (There are just so many of them on I-35 at the same time…) Did you know the answers too? Learn it all with Aceable Drivers Ed or become a traffic law expert - and get an insurance discount - with Aceable Defensive Driving .

Krista Doyle
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