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Best Places to Take an Insta Pic in Austin

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It’s no surprise that visitors and locals alike proudly display this funky city across their Instagram accounts. Who can blame them? Simultaneously quirky, laid-back, and cool, Austin is definition of picture friendly. Whether you’re visiting Austin for the first time or you’re lucky enough to call this place home, here are the best places to take an Instagram pic.

The Pennybacker Bridge

The Pennybacker Bridge connects the northern and southern halves of the Capital of Texas Highway (also called 360). This is one of Texas’ most beautiful drives, and also one of the most popular for sunsets.

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A cafe and wine bar reminiscent of Parisian cafes and NYC bars, June’s All Day is decorated with such thoughtfulness and swag that you might find it hard to put the camera down and enjoy the food.


Justine’s is French food with a twist, and its decor lives up to that name. There is literally no bad angle at this very sexy and very cool late-night spot.

Ramen Tatsu-Ya

Ready to get your slurp on? Although Ramen Tatsu-Ya has great decor full of Japanese-inspired kitsch, the real star of the show is the ramen.

Hotel St. Cecilia

This long standing favorite is simply stunning in its old school glamour and glitz.

Torchy’s Tacos

No visit to Austin is complete without breakfast tacos, and no one does beautiful tacos like Torchy’s.

Congress Bridge

Whether you’re here to see the bats, get a view of downtown, or look across Lady Bird Lake, the Congress Bridge is easily one of the most photogenic spots in Austin.

Laguna Gloria

Formally known as The Contemporary Austin, this 1916 Italianate-style villa is the former home of Clara Driscoll on the shores of Lake Austin. And boy, is it breathtaking.

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I Love You So Much mural at South Congress

This popular mural can be found on the side of Jo’s Coffee on South Congress Avenue. The mural first appeared in 2010 by local musician Amy Cook. Don’t be surprised if you see a sizable line of people waiting to take their pic with this Austin standby.

Elsworth Kelly’s Temple for Light

A showcase of light and color, the Ellsworth Kelly’s Temple of Light Work was designed to give visitors an experience of Austin as a place of calm and light, according to its creator.

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