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Best Skateparks in San Francisco

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The Bay Area is a great place to be if you’re in need of a fun skatepark to practice your skills. Many cities in California have a large selection of parks, and San Francisco is no exception. With parks everywhere, from under freeways and bridges to a waterfront, there’s something for everyone around the city. Check out our list below of the most popular places for skaters in the area.

SoMa West Skatepark

The most recent addition to San Francisco’s skating scene, SoMa West was designed as an homage to the city’s iconic spots, specifically the Embarcadero Plaza. The skatepark is located underneath the Central Freeway, creating a really unique atmosphere. SoMa West gets really crowded, making it a little more intimidating for less experienced skaters. There is lots of room to gain speed, plus stairs, ledges, rails, banks, and ramps for practicing all of your tricks. The park is open from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. daily. There are no bathrooms on site, though there is an attached dog park as an added bonus.

soma skatepark

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Under the Bridge Skatepark

The aptly named Under the Bridge Skatepark is located, you guessed it, under a bridge. The park is perfect for beginners and experienced skaters alike, with plenty of elements for everyone, like runs, blocks, ramps, and rails. Locals say that the atmosphere created from the unique location is reminiscent of skateparks in San Francisco from decades prior. Under the Bridge Skatepark is open from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. daily and unfortunately, there are no bathrooms on site.

under the bridge skatepark

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Hilltop Skatepark

The legendary Hilltop Skatepark, in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco, was originally built in 1979 as the first skatepark in the city. In late 2016, the city of San Francisco along with Tony Hawk and Grindline Skateparks opened up a completely revamped version of the park, which is also known as “The Dish”. With 10,000 square feet of concrete and new elements, there is ample space to open up and gain some speed. The park is open from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. daily, giving you plenty of time to skate.

hilltop skatepark

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Balboa Skatepark

Located at San Jose and Ocean Avenues in San Francisco, Balboa Skatepark is part of the larger Balboa Park that houses a playground, picnic areas, walking paths, and tennis courts. The skatepark is made completely from wood, which sets it apart from most of the other outdoor parks. Balboa is located directly across from a BART stop, making transport to and from the park a breeze. The elements include lots of ramp space, rails, ledges, stairs, and a pyramid.

balboa skate park

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Potrero del Sol/La Raza

This skatepark is the largest in San Francisco at 16,000 square feet. Located at 25th and Utah Street, the park is not ideal for kids or less experienced skaters. There is a large bowl and lots of ramp space alongside street elements like stairs and rails. The park is open from sunrise to sunset and is surrounded by plenty of green space, a playground, a performance space, and a community garden.

potrero skatepark

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3rd and Army Skatepark

The 3rd and Army Skatepark is another unique location in San Francisco - right next to the water. This park has an open feel and tons of room to skate. The highlights are how many street elements there are to work: tons of differently shaped ledges at various heights, thick rails, gaps, and a quarter pipe and a bank built by local skaters. Because of its proximity to the water, it can get a little cold and windy.

3rd and army skatepark

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