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The Best Skateparks in Los Angeles

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Southern California and skateboarding go hand-in-hand. Skateboarding was popularized in Los Angeles throughout the 80s and 90s and remains an epicenter of the skating world today. There are more than 20 skateparks around Los Angeles, and these are six that you need to experience.

Venice Beach Skatepark

venice skatepark

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The Venice Beach Skatepark is the quintessential Los Angeles spot. Located just off the beach in Venice, this oceanfront park is always packed full of skaters. This park opened in 2009 and consists of 20,000 square feet of deep pools, concrete stairs, and smooth banks to allow you to gain tons of speed. There’s also a street section with plenty of metal rails, stairs, ledges, and boxes. This park will make you feel like a skateboarder from every 90s movie set in LA.

Lincoln Park Skatepark

lincoln park skatepark

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This 9,000 square foot East Los Angeles skatepark was designed by professional skater Lance Mountain. Lincoln Park is an amazing option for street skaters - it has concrete ledges, rails, and wide open stairs. There is also a snake run with a freeway barrier on top of a bank, all perfect for street skating in a safe environment.

Santa Monica Skatepark (The Cove)

santa monica skatepark the cove

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Many claim that Santa Monica Skatepark in Memorial Park, also known as The Cove, is the birthplace of modern skateboarding. With 20,000 square feet of obstacles, including a deep bowl, ramps, and stairs, this park is fun for skaters and bystanders alike. The bowl is large enough to gain the speed to grind, slide, and flip on the lip. The Cove does have an entry fee and protective gear is required for safety.

Belvedere Skatepark

belvedere skatepark

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Belvedere Skatepark, located in East Los Angeles, may not seem as impressive as the more iconic Venice and Santa Monica Skateparks, but it has a couple of unique features that make it worthy of any skater’s time. The wide wall provides fun, long wall rides and the ledge and large street section provide plenty of obstacles to master those tricks. Belvedere is perfect for vert skaters hoping to hop from pool to pool. Protective gear is required.

Culver City Skatepark

culver city skatepark

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The star of the show at Culver City Skatepark is the clover-shaped pool. It’s two 6 foot deep pockets are perfect for practicing tricks. Aside from the pool, which locals proclaim is the best in Southern California, the park also has a semi-half pipe alongside rails, stairs, and ledges to work on those street moves. Culver City has staff members onsite and helmets and pads are required to skate inside the park.


Skatelab, opened in 1997, is one of the oldest skateparks in the country. It is a unique park for a few reasons - it is an indoor, fully air-conditioned park with four separate sections to skate, it is home to the Skateboard Hall of Fame and the Skateboard Museum, and it also has an entry fee and a full staff working onsite. Originally designed by Team Pain, it has been constantly updated and improved upon over the years.


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The two-story museum houses 5,000 vintage skateboards, and visitors can learn about skating legends in the Skateboard Hall of Fame to get inspired by the greats before they take their turn in the park. Visitors can purchase a day pass or an annual pass, and have access to the entire park, museum, and hall of fame. They offer lessons for beginners, and you might catch a professional there, working on their tricks for the X Games. Skatelab also has their own line of merchandise available for purchase.

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