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Del Valle High School Wins ABDS Competition

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After a three-week competition involving 64 high school drill teams that garnered a total of 23,632 online votes, the Del Valle Cardinal Belles have emerged as the winner of Aceable's Best Dance Squad.

Del Valle was a force to reckon with from the beginning of the contest, racking up more than 11,000 votes from friends, family, classmates, teachers and school administrators over the course of six tournament rounds. The team also won bonus points each round for completing challenges like posting photos using the hashtag #ABDS, using its custom Snapchat geofilter more than any other team and tweeting about the competition to local news organizations.

Ultimately, the social media buzz that the team generated as well as its efforts to involve the entire student body helped carry the Del Valle Cardinal Belles to victory. For winning the competition, the Belles will receive a $500 check, free drivers ed for everyone on the team and a $100 spa gift card for their coach. Congratulations, Del Valle! Check out a few of our favorite tweets from the Belles, below.


— kingsarahaaai (@sarahaaai) September 4, 2016

> Keep voting for the Del Valle Cardinal Belles! VOTING ENDS MIDNIGHT 9/5!! — Diana (@dianaagarza_) September 4, 2016

> We made it to round 4! PLEASE GO VOTE SO WE CAN MAKE IT TO FINALS! ? @aceable #ABDS > > — kiara (@kiaraaprilgomez) August 27, 2016

> If we Del Valle Cardinal belles win this contest we will get a new sound system for the dance room!! ? @aceable — abs (@_abigailgarcia) August 25, 2016

> It's gameeeee dayyyyy!!? Keep voting for Del Valle Cardinal belles on #ABDS > > — kingsarahaaai (@sarahaaai) August 26, 2016

> @KVUE Del Valle Cardinal Belles would like your support in a contest with @aceable to vote us the best dance squad — Monique (@HappyMoniqueee) August 31, 2016

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