Drivers Ed Horror Stories from the Aceable Team

Drivers ed isn't always horrible and it doesn't have to be boring if you come to the 21st century and complete your course with a mobile app version like Aceable . That said, cool apps like Aceable weren't always around, and most of us here at the Aceable office had to take traditional drivers ed. Here are some of our favorite stories from our drivers ed days, and just a few reasons you should take advantage of our course instead.

Andy G. - New Hampshire

My drivers ed instructor had a fake ear that he would forget to wear sometimes.

driving school Andy realizing something was missing

Alex C. - Georgia

I might've been one of the few who didn't absolutely despise driving school. I took it over the summer with a dozen friends from school. We literally brought coloring books, baked pies the night before to distribute and munch on during "lectures," and played MASH the whole time. However, our instructor was a wildly crabby, 70-something woman who insisted on taking "breaks" every 30 minutes. By "breaks" I mean smoking stops. It was convenient and dandy until the last day, she realized we hadn't gone over one of the required modules, so our lunch break got cut in half, because of her smoking. THE END.

driving school story Not cool man

Whitney L. -Texas

I spent my entire summer driving course writing the names of all the bands I liked on my folder hoping the cute person who sat next to me would notice and comment on one of them. And then I got a perfect score on my written test and he said I was a nerd, and then he was dead to me!

driving school Whitey IRL

Angie S. - Nevada

I don't know if I'd say this is funny at all, but my driving school teacher got pulled out of school in the middle of the semester for putting a pedestrian in the hospital while he was driving.

driving school stories Erm...

Amanda H. - Ohio

Much to my disappointment, the regular instructor who always bought pizza on the last day of class, Dave, was out of the country when I took my driving course. Barbara was now our stand-in instructor. I disliked her after 10 minutes.

On the last day of class after we had already passed our written knowledge exams, Barbara decided to replay some of the seriously outdated 80's informational driving videos we had already watched to burn up the rest of our required class hours. My friend made a single comment to me about a doodle I was drawing and Barbara flew off the handle! We were both kicked out of class and forced to call our parents and have them pick us up early.

She asked us how we'd feel if we got each other killed in a car accident because we were talking in the car like we were talking in class. As many of you know, talking in the car is perfectly safe as long as you're not distracted from your driving. We both got grounded for weeks.

Not only did I get kicked out of class, I never got the "last day of class" pizza that all of my older classmates had promised me. Well the joke's on you Barbara. I work for a drivers ed company now that makes their courses much more entertaining than yours ever was.

driving school stories. Oops.

Kevin N. - Texas

The only reason I wanted to go to driving class is because a girl I had a crush on was there. We bonded over both owning doc Martin sandals.

driving school horror stories WHAT ARE THOOOSSEEE?!

Craig B. - Texas

I was in the back-seat to observe, along with the prettiest girl in my high school. Of course 20 minutes in to it I had to suppress a fart so huge I was worried the force of it would shred my jeans and tear a hole in the fabric of space-time. I had to hold it in for another excruciating 40 minutes and I am pretty sure I started to out-gas from my tear ducts.

driving school Actual photo of Craig holding in toots

Alec K. - Kansas

My driving school instructor was an elderly man, and in the back of his SUV was what looked like just a big box covered in a blanket, but I slowly realized it was a cage as over the course of our drives it made low growling sounds every time we went over a bump. He also cautioned me to slow down before green lights, constantly mumbling that the green light was "getting stale" and could turn any second. I don't know what was in the cage. He never mentioned it. Not even once. I ended up switching instructors.

driving school What was actually in that cage

Krista Doyle
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