Take the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course and Test Online Together

In order to get your Florida learner’s permit, you first must take the TLSAE/Drug and Alcohol Course and pass the Florida Knowledge Exam. This much you probably already know. But where do you take the test? Can you buy the course and exam together? And what happens if you fail? We know the details of this process can seem confusing. But we’re here to straighten them out. Here’s everything you need to know about taking the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course and Florida Knowledge Exam.

Have questions about the Florida TLSAE Exam? We can answer them!
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Taking the Course and Exam Online

Good news for those who hate the DMV. You don’t have take to the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Test at DMV office. Instead, you can purchase the exam online along with the TLSAE course. With Aceable, you can even take the exam in-app, which means you can pass your driver education course right from your phone!

Take the Florida Knowledge Exam on your smartphone.
Yep, you can take the exam right from your phone!

One thing to keep in mind is that the official Florida Knowledge Exam is hosted by a company called STS International. While Aceable is an approved third-party provider of the exam, if you encounter technical difficulties while taking the test, it likely due to an issue beyond our control. That being said, we are constantly working with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles as well as STS International to ensure a superior experience for our users. Should you encounter any problems while taking the test online, our US-based customer support team is available to help via phone or chat seven days a week!

Exceptions to Taking the Test Online

While most Floridians seeking their driver’s license will be able to take the Drug and Alcohol Test online, there are a few exceptions.

  • If you are age 18 or older, you must take the test at a local driver license office. Sorry, adults — no exceptions!
  • If you fail the exam online three times, you must take it at the driver license office the next time
  • Sometimes the Florida DHSMV will randomly select students who have already passed the written knowledge exam online to take it again at the DMV office. If this happens to you, please contact us and we will refund your knowledge exam purchase!

Purchasing the Course and Exam Together

While it’s possible to buy the course and exam separately, with Aceable you can get the best value by purchasing both in a package deal. Here are the options you have for buying the TLSAE course and test:

  • Buy the state-authorized online course and exam together (recommended).
  • Buy just the online Drug and Alcohol Course (if you want to come back and buy the exam later or take the exam at the Driver License office).
  • Buy just the TLSAE/learner permit test (if you’ve already taken the course, but haven’t yet passed the test).
You can choose to purchase the TLSAE course and exam separately or together.
Homegirl, you got so much choices.

Failing the TLSAE Exam

Florida state law requires that you purchase the TLSAE exam again if you fail it the first time. Additionally, you will have to repurchase if you don’t complete the exam in under 60 minutes or if you answer a security question incorrectly. The security questions are about you, so hopefully this won’t happen! Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team if you have questions about why you must repurchase the exam, however, remember that in the aforementioned cases it is Florida state law that you must buy the exam again. Finally, remember that if you fail the exam three times, you will not be able to take it online again. You must take it at the driver license office.

It's okay if you fail the Florida Knowledge Exam. You can retake it again if you need to!
If you pay close attention to the course, it’s unlikely you’ll fail the test, but it’s okay if you do!

Ready to start the TLSAE/Drug and Alcohol Course and pass the Florida Knowledge Test? Keep these tips in mind and get started with Aceable today!