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How to Change Your Gender on Your License in Illinois

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One of the many pivotal steps in a gender transition is changing the gender displayed on your license. In some states this process is more difficult than others (cough Texas cough), but in Illinois, it’s a relatively seamless experience. Follow along below to see how you can update your license to reflect the same changes you’re making:

Don’t live in Illinois? Find out how to change the gender on your drivers license in your state!

STEP 1: Changing Your Gender on Your License

If you’re only changing the gender on your license but keeping your name, all you need to do is visit the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS) office and request a corrected driver’s license. You need to bring proof of identity that can link the old information to the new information (your current license, social security card, passport etc.) and turn over your old license. You also need to provide them with acceptable documentation that you have either changed or are in the process of changing your gender. While you are not required to provide a court order, this is considered the best evidence of a gender change. Other acceptable documents include either a report or statement from your medical doctor or psychiatrist that ensures you’re taking the necessary clinical steps to change your gender or a copy of your amended birth certificate. The fee to amend a driver’s license is $5. Not too shabby.

STEP 2: Changing Your Name on Your License

In order to change your name on your license in Illinois, there are a few more pieces thrown into the puzzle. Once you’ve legally changed your name and obtained a court order, the first step you need to take is report the change to the Social Security Administration before you can change it at the Illinois DMV. You must report the necessary info to the SSA in person or by mail which includes the Application for Social Security Card, as well as proof of your name change, proof of identity and proof of US citizenship. All documents must be originals and will be sent back to you when the process is completed. While your name will change, your social security number will not. Then, within 10 days of changing your name, you need to request a new Illinois driver’s license. Again, you can do this by visiting your SOS office and bringing your current license, proof of your name change (the court order), and $5 dollars for the duplication fee.

STEP 3: Updating the Name on Your Title and Registration

Note, you are also required to change the name on your car title and registration if it’s changed on your license. You can do this by submitting the Application for Vehicle Transaction, your original IL vehicle title, your legal name change documents (court order again), and the necessary fees: $3 for a registration card and $15 for surrendering your old IL title for a new one (if you don’t have your original title, the fee goes up to $95). When filling out the app for vehicle transaction, be sure to mark “corrected title” and include your name change, odometer reading and signature.

And that’s all there is to it. While this post may be laid out in simple steps, we know someone’s transition is much more than an easy as 1,2,3 deal. To those of you going through the process, best of luck in your journey and know that the Aceable fam supports you every step of the way!

Krista Doyle