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Are Your Driving Habits Normal?

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In order to drive a car effectively, there are certain behaviors one must follow. For instance, we all know we're supposed to stop at a red light and speed up like at bat out of hell at a yellow light. Just kidding, y'all! We slow down ... obviously.

If we didn't follow these behaviors, we'd probably end up getting our license revoked, or at the very least, get stuck with a lot of traffic tickets. While we've all learned similar behind-the-wheel behaviors from our drivers ed classes or parents, some of our habits in the car, well, might be a little off.

Do ever you drive barefoot? Listen to Celine Dion on the interstate? Try to dip your breaded nugget in Chick-fil-A sauce with one hand on the wheel? Maybe you're just one of the 210 licensed drivers in the U.S. who enjoys a good nugget for the road. Or maybe you're a total weirdo. Find out for sure with this community poll. How normal are your driving habits?

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Krista Doyle