How to Fill Out the Parent Taught Drivers Ed Packet

If you’re taking Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed (PTDE) to get your permit, you’ll need to fill out the PTDE packet. If you don’t have the packet yet, request it here. Doing this informs the state that you’re taking PTDE, and they’ll email the forms to you (or send them by mail, if you really want them to).

When you have the packet and you’re ready to fill it out for your visit to the DPS, follow the easy instructions in this video. We’re also hooking you up with a list of the necessary forms below.

Packet Forms

  • DL-90A Classroom Instruction Affidavit: Your parent instructor will complete this form. Check the box next to the “6 hours of instruction” option for Concurrent Driver’s Ed. Pro tip: Aceable’s course number is 116.
  • DL-91A Classroom Instruction Log: You only need to fill out the first module if you’re going to the DPS to apply for your permit. Since you shouldn’t take more than two hours of driver’s ed per day, there should be a minimum of three dates listed for Module 1.
  • DL-14A Application for Texas Driver License: Fill in your personal information and indicate that you’re applying for a Class C Learner License.

IMPORTANT: You and your parent should wait to sign all forms until you get to the DPS. These signatures must take place in front of a DPS employee. They either want to make sure your parent is legit or they just like watching people sign stuff.

Don't sign forms until you're at the DPS
Your parent needs to sign in front of the DPS staff.

Not in the Packet, But Also Bring…

  • Driver’s Ed Certificate that Aceable (or another provider) emailed to you
  • Verification of Enrollment: This form comes from your school. Learn all about it in this guide to the VOE. It must be signed by a school administrator (no DPS witness required for these signatures).
  • Identification documents: social security card, plus both a birth certificate and passport OR a US Certificate of Citizenship
  • Proof of Residency: Ask you parent to bring two different items that prove y’all live in Texas. These could be a deed, voter ID card, mortgage statement, and/or utility bills.
Have all your paperwork ready before you go to the DPS
Be prepared so you don’t have to wait at the DPS twice!

Now go get that permit!