How to Get Your Driver License in Illinois: A Simple Guide

Hey you! Are you ready to get your Illinois driver license? Then let this handy guide, well … guide you. We’re Aceable: an Online Drivers Ed company who’s here to help you get your license for the first time. We wanna make going from Step 1 to Step License as easy as pie, so we’ve laid it all out in this handy guide.You’re an adult, right? You’re ready to make your own decisions, so why don’t you stop having mom and dad drive you around? Get that license and get outta here! That doesn’t mean getting your license is gonna be easy, but we’re here to help with that. Only then are you free to drive mom and dad’s swaggin’ wagon.

The First Step to Getting Your Illinois License

You’re 15-17 & 2 months ✔ You gotta enroll in Drivers Ed before going to the Driver Services Facility to get your permit. Unfortunately, you gotta take it the old fashioned way, at a brick-and-mortar establishment. Sorry, fam. You’ll need to keep your permit for 9 months before you can apply for your restricted driver license.You’re 17 & 3 months to 17 & 11 months ✔ You don’t need to take Drivers Ed to get your permit, but you gotta hold it for 9 months before you can snag that restricted license. At that time, you’ll be 18 and be required to take Illinois Adult Drivers Ed.You’re 18-20 ✔ You don’t have to get a permit – you can ride the train straight to licenseville! If you’re like Britney and not a girl, not yet a woman, you’ll have to take Illinois Adult Drivers Ed. Lucky for you, you have options. You can take it in a classroom from a certified provider or you can take it from an online provider (like us!)
This doesn’t have to be you.
This doesn’t have to be you.

The Definitive Guide to Illinois Drivers Ed

So let’s talk more about Drivers Ed. You gotta take it, but lemme break it down for you, because depending on your age, you’ll have to take different kinds.The Drivers Ed required for teens ages 15-17 is a 30-hour course, including 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training. For this you’ll have to go to one of Illinois’ certified brick-and-mortar providers. You must also complete 50 hours of practice driving, 10 of those hours being at night.
Unlike Riri, you should NOT wear your sunglasses at night
Unlike RiRi, you should NOT wear your sunglasses at night.
Your Drivers Ed school must be in the same district where you’re enrolled in school. Any school that provides 9th -12th grade education will have Drivers Ed courses for you to take.
  • In order to get your permit, you don’t have to have completed the Drivers Ed, but you must be enrolled when you apply.
  • If you’re 16, have had your permit for nine months, and have completed Drivers Ed, you can apply for your (restricted) driver license!
If you’re 18-20, you’re required to take Illinois Adult Drivers Ed. It’s a short lil’ six-hour course. You have to complete the course within 30 days of starting it, which shouldn’t be too hard. After that, you’re ready to bring your required documents to the Illinois Driver Services Facility and apply for that license!
Show 'em who's boss, Kimmy.
Show ’em who’s boss, Kimmy.
If you’re 21+, the good news is that you don’t have to take Illinois Adult Drivers Ed, but we highly recommend it. You can get that next level driver status and one-up all your peers.

What now?

When you’re finished with Drivers Ed, your provider will notify the Illinois Secretary of State (ILSOS). Within one to three days, the ILSOS with email you a Certificate of Completion. You’ll need to print this puppy out and bring it with you (not an actual puppy). Obviously, if you’re over 21 and taking Drivers Ed for driving superiority, you won’t need to wait until you get this certificate to go to the Driver Services Facility and get your license, boo. You do you.

Illinois Drivers Education Exams

To get your permit, you’ll have to take the written and vision tests. To get your license, you’ll have to take all three — the trifecta of driving knowledge.
Cue getting the Mockingjay call stuck in your head.
Cue getting the Mockingjay call stuck in your head.
The written test is made up of 35 questions – 15 sign identification and 20 true/false or multiple choice. You have to get 28 of these questions correct. If you don’t pass the first time, you get two more tries. So don’t worry bb, you got this.The vision test is a simple test to see if you can drive (get it?).The driving test requires you to use a registered and insured vehicle (duh). The tester looks at how well you can park, start, turn, back, and control your vehicle in various situations. Basically, all the stuff you’ve already talked about in Drivers Ed and everything you’ve been doing while you’ve had your permit.
If you paid attention in Drivers Ed you're sure to ace your driving test.
No, your dog cannot be with you during the driving test. Wahhh.
Unfortunately you’re gonna need to bring more than your wayfarers to get your license. Lemme tell you what you need.What to Bring to the Illinois Driver Services FacilityTo get your permit:
  • Proof of Identity (you were born, right?)
  • Proof of Social Security (your social security card works for this)
  • 2 Proofs of Residency (report card, school letters, etc.)
  • Proof of Enrollment in Drivers Ed
  • Be ready to drop a Tub ($20)
Yep, there's a fee to get your driver license.
Yas queen. The new 20 dolla bill is looking good.
To get your license: Once you pass that driving test, you’re officially a licensed Illinois driver! Congrats, fam! You’re ready to hit the streets (legally and responsibly, of course)!Questions? Comments? Please contact the author!