Life in the Fast Lane: Learn Lane Positions on the Highway

It’s important to know the different lane positions you can use for whatever comes your way. Someone passing you? Debris in the road? Someone on the shoulder? You’re ready for all of it!

Position 1: the center of the lane. This is where you should be most of the time. Not too hot, not too cold; juuuust right.

Position 2: the right side of the lane. This is a good place to go if someone is passing you. You’re still within the lines of the lane, you’re just shifted over to the right a bit.

Position 3: the left side of the lane. Again, like position 2, you’re still within the lane lines. You would be in position 3 if there was someone pulled over on the shoulder and you wanted to give them some space.

Position 4: straddling the right lane. You would be in this position if there was some debris in the road that you wanted to avoid.

Position 5: straddling the left lane. Like position 4, you would be in this position to avoid debris that was on the right side of the road.

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