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Sickest Rides from '90s Cartoons

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Remember the good old days when you would wake up bright and early to watch Saturday-morning cartoons?

That’s right, before Netflix blessed you with the infinite power to binge into the wee hours of the night, you used to go to bed at a reasonable hour just so you could wake up at the crack of dawn and watch regularly scheduled TV programming. That sounds almost stranger than Stranger Things, but let’s be honest, those old-school cartoons practically raised you.

Even though you're all grown up now, you'll still be the coolest kid in town if you pulled up to prom in any of these 10 vehicles from beloved ‘90s cartoons.

1. Batmobile from Batman: The Animated Series

The Batmobile had turbine jets, a grappling hook, a missile rack, probably a booster seat for Robin… all that and a bag of chips. The Batmobile was designed and built by Earl Cooper, a Gotham auto mechanic. Two thumbs up to Batman for supporting local businesses! 2. The Bus from The Magic School Bus

The Bus took Mrs. Frizzle’s class on countless wonder-filled field trips. It could shrink and transform into dozens of other vehicles, from space ships to pirate ships. This show inspired thousands of students to pursue careers in STEM and The Bus was last seen on the set of Fast and Furious 9. 3. Boats from Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob has failed his driving test more times than we can count. The dude should have taken Aceable. We’re way more fun than Mrs. Puff’s boating school. 4. Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo

The Mystery Machine is the gang’s preferred mode of transportation and can sure take a beating. It would make a great party bus too. 5. Reptar Wagon from The Rugrats Movie

Stu Pickles invented this masterpiece to enter a Reptar Corporation contest, but the babies took it for a joy ride and got lost in the woods. Fun fact: the Reptar Wagon was voiced by rapper Busta Rhymes. 6. The Comvee from The Wild Thornberrys

The Thornberrys’ comvee is the RV of the future even though the show aired in the '90s. 7. Any Autobot or Decepticon from The Transformers

Ok, these robots were just the coolest things ever, and the show is way better than the Michael Bay movies. Here is one hour worth of transformations that you can play in the background while you study. The sound effects never get old. 8. Zords from Power Rangers

Power Rangers kick more butt than John Wick and their Zords could beat up Pacific Rim robots any day. Every Power Rangers episode may have followed the exact same format (fight bad guy, bad guy turns big, call Zords, beat bad guy again), but we’re still on the edge of our seats. 9. Magic Carpet from Aladdin

I triple dog dare you to watch this video without singing along. 10. Pegasus from Hercules

Pegasus isn’t really a “vehicle,” but just imagine picking up your date and flying off into the sunset aboard this majestic pony. Take notes, gentlemen. Feeling painfully nostalgic yet? Enter our #springacers giveaway for a chance to win prizes like a one-year subscription to The Nick Box, which ships retro Nickelodeon goodies to your door every three months![](

Krista Doyle