The Dangers of Driving Drowsy: Just Don’t Do It!

This was me six months ago: “So the team won tonight! And I gave it everything I had, too! Feels awesome. Now there’s just this two-hour drive home before I can crash – oh man, will it be welcome tonight!

I wish there were somewhere I could grab an espresso or a Redbull…I’m so tired I can’t see straight … can’t stop yawning … here, let’s open the window a bit, turn up the radio, do something to keep myself focused…gotta get myself home … just another half hour to go … whoops, that was a bit sketchy … I veered onto the rumble strip …

The last thing I remember was the sound of my car scraping a soundwall on the freeway at 65mph…I was real lucky…it could’ve been another car coming head on, or a tree or telephone pole. I don’t even remember driving the last few miles!”

Yep. He was lucky. He lived. Like Ace says, drowsy driving is dangerous driving. Your reaction time is much slower, similar to drinking alcohol.

Did you know that over 55 percent of fatigue-related crashes are not caused by long-distance truck drivers, but MALES UNDER THE AGE OF 25?

Yes, my young Acelet, that includes YOU!

Best rule of thumb is don’t get behind the wheel at all when you’re tired. Or if you must, be sure you take along some very chatty friends. Better yet: let ‘em help you drive.

Even better: drive one of these, like this little guy:Don't Drive Drowsy!