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What the Heck is Florida Drivers Education Actually Called?

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In Florida, drivers education goes by many different names. You may have heard a few of them: Drug and Alcohol Course, Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education, Florida Virtual School or even driving school. But how do you know that you’re taking the right course to obtain your driver’s license? And what the heck do all those different names actually mean? Here at Aceable, we don’t want you to be confused about which driving course is the right course. We’ll explain all the different names Floridians use to describe driver’s education, so that when it comes time to get your driver license, you know exactly what to look for.

florida-drivers-education Trying to decipher all the names for Florida drivers ed

Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE)

Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education, or TLSAE, is the official name for the theoretical portion of drivers education as designated by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. In other words, TLSAE is simply the four-hour course you must take before getting your learner license or driver license. After you complete the course, you’ll take the Florida Knowledge Exam, a multiple-choice test that you must pass in order to be eligible for a license. You can take the TLSAE course from a number of providers, but we hope you’ll take it from the best: Aceable, obviously.

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Drug and Alcohol Course

Don’t be fooled: Drug and Alcohol Course is just another name for TLSAE. In fact, it’s what the Florida DHSMV used to call its driver education program up until fairly recently. That’s why people who took Florida drivers education years ago still refer to the course colloquially as Drug and Alcohol, instead of TLSAE. Apparently, old habits die hard.

Here at Aceable, we generally refer to the course as Drug and Alcohol (Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education is kind of a mouthful, right?), but you’ll also see us using TLSAE. Under either name, you’re still fulfilling the four-hour requirement to get your learners permit and drivers license. And like we mentioned before, at the end of the course, you’ll take the Florida Knowledge Exam, which is sometimes referred to as the Drug and Alcohol Test.

Sigh. Be more confusing Florida -- you can’t.

florida-drug-and-alcohol-course Okay, Florida ...

Florida Virtual School

You may have heard of some students fulfilling their drivers education requirement through Florida Virtual School. While Florida Virtual School achieves the same purpose as TLSAE (a.k.a the Drug and Alcohol Course) it’s much longer than four hours -- it’s a full semester. Ugh. So sure, Florida Virtual School is a perfectly valid way to earn your learner’s permit, but why take a semester-long class when you can fulfill the same requirement in just four hours with a provider like Aceable? Beats us.

florida-virtual-school When someone takes a semester-long class instead of a four-hour course

Driving School/Behind-the-Wheel Training

When we talk about TLSAE or the Drug and Alcohol Course, we’re talking about the theoretical portion of drivers ed (e.g. all the stuff you need to know about traffic laws and the rules of the road). But driver education also includes a practical portion -- actual driving practice, often called behind-the-wheel training. In Florida, you’re not required to take driving lessons from a professional instructor; you do, however, have to log a certain amount of driving hours under the supervision of a licensed driver, like a parent or guardian. Sometimes, students choose to take their behind-the-wheel training at a driving school or have the option to complete it through a class at their high school. So if you hear people talking about driving school or behind-the-wheel training with a professional, know that it’s an option for you, but not required.

florida-driving-school When someone says something is not required

Florida Drivers Ed: It’s Like Sean Combs

So it’s been established: driver’s education in Florida has a lot of aliases. While it might seem confusing, we hope this post has helped clear things up. The too-long-didn’t-read version:

  • Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education = TLSAE = Drug and Alcohol Course = the four-hour theoretical portion of Florida driver education
  • Florida Knowledge Exam = Drug and Alcohol Test = the multiple choice test you must pass at the end of the four-hour course
  • Florida Virtual School = a semester-long drivers ed class that achieves the same end result as the four-hour course
  • Driving school = behind-the-wheel training = the practical portion of Florida driver education

In short, think of Florida drivers ed as Sean Combs. He was Puff Daddy, then P. Diddy, then just Diddy -- yet deep down, he’s still the same ol’ Sean. But if keeping track of all the different names for Florida drivers ed is too confusing, there’s only one name you really need to remember: Aceable. We’re the fastest, easiest way to get your Florida learner permit and driver license. So keep it simple, and get started with Aceable today.

Krista Doyle