Why Sun Glare Gets Worse in the Fall

Why Sun Glare Gets Worse In The Fall

It might sound counterintuitive, but sun glare is actually worse in the fall.

Why? This has mostly to do with the sun moving closer to the horizon.

If it seems complicated, don’t worry. Being the geeky folks that we are, we decided to delve into science behind it all. Read on to find out how this phenomenon happens, and why it’s actually more dangerous for drivers in the fall months.

What Is Sun Glare?

Sun glare can best be described as sunlight obstructing your windshield during sunrise and sunset hours, making it incredibly difficult to see anything in front of you.

Unfortunately for us, we also happen to drive during the times when sun glare is the worst (the morning and evening commute).

How Does Sun Glare Happen?

When the sun is low in the horizon, the angle of the direct sunlight creates a strong glare across the windshield. The bright light can cause temporary blindness that distorts traffic control devices and makes it difficult to see the cars around you.

Why Is It Worse In The Fall?

During the fall and winter months, the sun is naturally lower in the sky. This means that when light hits the surface, it will also reflect that lower angle (versus in the summer, when the sun is much higher in the sky).

Why Sun Glare Is Dangerous For You

According to the Automobile Association (AA) in the UK, sun glare causes over 2,900 accidents annually on British roads.

Sun glare impacts your sight even after you’ve been exposed, which means that for a few seconds, you won’t be able to see the things ahead of you. Many drivers (and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would agree) have described the experience as “blinding.”

Sun glare is also incredibly dangerous when the sun sets behind you. During these times, sunlight bounces off your rearview mirror or reflects off traffic lights ahead, which will also have a blinding effect. This makes it nigh impossible to see what’s going on ahead of you.

So what can we do to combat it all? Luckily, we’ve already covered all the things you need to know for driving during this dangerous time. Check out our tips for driving with sun glare before you get behind the wheel this fall!

Krista Doyle
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