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California Traffic School

  • Approved and accepted by all California courts
  • Instant e-file to the DMV upon course completion
  • Fulfills state ticket masking requirements
  • Take the entire course from our app
  • Shortest, fastest and cheapest course allowed by law
  • State-approved for car insurance discounts

DMV Approved & Certified

Erase your traffic ticket with our online course that is fully accredited by the California Department of Licensing and Regulation and accepted by all local courts. Or use Aceable to get an easy insurance discount!

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Aceable lets you clear your ticket in just a few hours for a fraction of the cost. Take our self-paced course on iPhone, Android or web anytime, anywhere.

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Swipe though bite-sized content on your phone or tablet, stopping and starting the course as you please. Your progress will always be saved and syncs to any device.

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  • The only court-approved course compatible with iOS, Android and web

  • E-filed to the DMV instantly

  • Customer support available 7 days a week

  • Highest-rated course with thousands of happy graduates

  • Shortest, fastest and cheapest course allowed by law

  • Qualifies you for car insurance discounts and fulfills work requirements


Step 1 | Take care of court requirements

After you receive a ticket for a traffic violation, you will be mailed a courtesy notice from the California Department of Motor Vehicles letting you know if you’re eligible for traffic school. You must plead guilty to the violation, pay all court fees & elect to Enroll in TVS. Let’s clear that ticket!

Step 2 | Enroll in our course

Enroll in Aceable California Traffic School by notifying your court via phone or mail. Make sure that you do so before the court date listed on your ticket so that your request to enroll in traffic school is accepted. At this time, you will also pay the bail amount required by the court. Now you’re ready to get schooled.

Step 3 | Bye, bye ticket!

Once you finish Aceable Traffic School and pass your final exam in-app, we’ll report your completion information to the California DMV. We’ll notify you shortly after we process your completion status to let you know that it has been reported. And just like that, your traffic citation and subsequent points on your driving record will disappear. Yippee! Go. Be Free. But above all, drive safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legit?

Yep. We’re approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and accepted by all California courts. Thousands of California drivers have masked their tickets with Aceable and rave about us on Facebook and Twitter.

How many levels are there? What happens if I fail a level assessment?

There are 9 levels in the course. At the end of Levels 2-9 are level assessments consisting of 10 questions. The questions will be a mix of multiple-choice and true/false questions. You must score at least 70% or better (at least 7 out of 10 questions correct) in order to pass and go on to the next level. If you don’t pass a level assessment, you can take it again (up to three times). If you don’t pass a level assessment on your third attempt, however, you’ve failed the course. Unfortunately, the state of California requires that in these situations you repurchase the course and start from the very beginning again. In order to ensure that you pass your level assessments, you can always review the material in the levels and chapters you’ve already completed. We want to make sure you can pass your course!

Is there a deadline for me to finish TVS?

Aceable’s TVS course doesn’t expire. However, the court usually gives you 90 days to complete the course and have your completion information electronically sent to them by Aceable. Make sure to complete the course by this deadline!

Are there any fees payable to the court?

Yes, you will have to pay a court fee when you present your traffic school certificate to mask your ticket. Fees vary, so be sure to check with your court.

Is there a final exam? What happens if I fail?

You’ll take the Final Exam at the very end of your TVS course. This exam consists of 25 questions, which will be a mix of multiple-choice and true/false questions. You must score at least 70% or better (at least 18 out of 25 questions correct) in order to pass and get your completion information filed with the court. You have two chances to pass the Final Exam. After failing the Final Exam two times, the state requires that you repurchase and restart the course from the very beginning. Remember that you can always review the material in the course before taking the exam in order to ensure that you pass!

What are the steps to California Traffic Violator School?

  1. Receive courtesy notice from your court.
  2. Plead guilty to your violation and elect to enroll in TVS.
  3. Pay your bail to your court.
  4. Take and complete Aceable’s TVS course.
  5. Receive notice – via email – of your course completion reported to your court.

To see more step-by-step details, check out our California TVS Course Guide.

What happens if I fail an identity security question?

The state of California requires that Aceable verify the identity of students taking our TVS course. In order to do this, we use a system that asks you identity verification questions based on the information in your Aceable Student Profile. You’ll be asked these identity security questions at various points throughout the course. If you fail a question (which we doubt you will since these questions are all about you!), the state of California requires us to bring you back to the beginning of your current level. Unfortunately, this is a state requirement we have to follow.

What requirements must I meet if I want to take this course for ticket purposes?

Generally, you’ll be eligible to take TVS if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have a valid driver license.
  • Your violation is not alcohol-related.
  • You have not attended traffic school within the last 18 months.
  • Your violation happened in a non-commercial vehicle.
  • Your offense was not a misdemeanor.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

You will not receive a hard copy or electronic Certificate of Completion. Instead, Aceable files your completion information directly with your court and you’ll receive a Completion Receipt via email notifying you of this when it’s done. No further action is required on your part. Upon successful course completion, your citation and points will be hidden from your public record. It isn’t mandatory but, if you want, you can check your driver record to ensure that the points were not counted on your record.


Had an element of entertainment to it while still being educational and informative. Use of video clips throughout was good to break up all the reading.

– Angela

I went start to finish in one evening. This is the type of drivers education the courts will really like. While being painless for the student. Thanks

— William

A great course, definitely the best I’ve ever taken. Convenient, effective, with great customer service

— Mark


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