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As crazy as it sounds, Chattanooga, TN city leaders recently suspended the city's drivers education program. The program allowed residents who wanted to earn their driver license to take a $400 course for only $50. The state of Tennessee doesn't require you take a drivers education course, but it is still recommended. Drivers ed helps you pass your state driving tests and act as a safe and responsible driver.

If you are a student, or the parent of a student, who was hoping to utilize Chattanooga's discounted drivers education program, Aceable has a solution for you. Out Tennessee Permit Test Prep course gives you all of the knowledge you need to ace your written and behind the wheel test and stay safe when you hit the highways in Tennessee. Best of all, it's only $5!

Please note: While drivers ed is NOT a requirement for getting a Tennessee driver license, it will help you pass your driving tests and be safer on the road. Aceable’s Tennessee Permit Test Prep is a mobile study aid. It’s the perfect guide for busy adults and a great study tool for teens.

Ace Your Tennessee Driving Test

Tennessee Drivers Ed Test Prep

The perfect way to get extra help before taking the Chattanooga DMV Driving test

Study Guide For Busy Adults & Teens

Online drivers ed for Tennessee teenagers and adults

20 levels of interactive lessons & unlimited practice tests to prepare you for your permit exam

Study Whenever & Wherever You Want

Available on any computer or mobile device

Learn the rules of the road on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or computer

Drive Awesome With Aceable’s Easy & Convenient iOS or Android App

This isn’t your typical boring drivers ed study guide

Complete Tennessee drivers ed requirements on your smartphone or tablet

How Tennessee Drivers Ed Test Prep Works

  1. Study for the Tennessee permit written exam using Aceable. Take the permit practice course on your smartphone, computer or tablet anytime, anywhere. It’s that easy.
  2. Head to the DMV and to take the test and get your Tennessee practice permit. With our help, you’re sure to ace it and join the ranks of Tennessee drivers.
  3. With your learner permit in hand, you’re ready to practice driving. You’ll need to log 50 hours behind the wheel before you can head back to the DMV to take the road test and get your license. You can take an optional drivers ed course, but it isn't required. Yippee! See you on the road, friend.

Let Aceable Help You Pass Your Chattanooga Written Drivers Test

  • 20 levels of interactive lessons that keep you engaged with videos, memes and humorous content
  • Unlimited practice tests designed to prepare you for the written knowledge exam
  • The course never expires and there aren’t any timers, so you don’t have to worry about deadlines
  • Self-paced lessons let you move as quickly through the course as you want
  • Provides you with the knowledge to pass Chattanooga’s written permit exam
  • 5-star course with awesome customer service
You'll be taking your permit picture at the DMV in no time!
You’ll be taking your permit picture at the DMV in no time!

Check Out Aceable’s 5-Star Reviews

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“I love this!! So convenient and easy to use! The memes make it less boring, and I love that I can do it anywhere! So happy there is finally and app for drivers ed!”

Amazing app!


“This app is incredible! It’s cheaper, faster, and easier than actual driving school. The robot is hilarious and fun to learn with. My favorite part though is that we can do it freely on our own time anywhere!”

Highly Recommend


“It’s really convenient getting to do my class work on my phone, and I passed my permit test! I’m so glad I found Aceable, I recommend everyone to have this fun learning experience. The staff is super helpful, too.”

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