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Florida residents can now get a driver's license faster and easier than ever before with Aceable, the state-approved online Drug and Alcohol Course (Also known as TLSAE). Earn your Florida learner permit and license on the web or via mobile app with our self-paced course -- anytime, anywhere. Aceable makes driver training simple, so you can get your license and move on. The four hour Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education course by Aceable is the shortest safe driver course allowed by law and is available on iOS, Android and web. Switch between devices with ease and complete learners permit at your convenience. What are you waiting for? Get Aceable, start driving!

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    DHSMV Course #NR2

    Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

    Take the state-authorized course to get your learner’s permit or license. Choose to purchase the permit test later or take it at the DMV office.

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    Official DHSMV Permit Exam

    Already took the Drug & Alcohol Course? Pass the Florida Knowledge Exam online and skip this step at the DHSMV.

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    Drug and Alcohol Course & Final Exam

    Save time and money. Finish everything to get your permit in just hours, not weeks.

    $40 $36


    1. Take the state-accredited online driving course with Aceable and be applicable for a permit or Florida driver's license in just four hours. If you’re between ages 14 and 17, you can take the Florida knowledge exam online with Aceable, while those age 18 and older must take it at the driver license office.
    2. Adults who have completed a driver training course can get their license as soon as they pass the knowledge exam and driving test at their local driver license office. Yippee! Teen drivers must first obtain a learner's permit and complete 50 hours of behind-the-wheel training before getting a license. Buckle up! It’s time to drive.
    3. Florida teens who complete the Aceable Drug and Alcohol Course and 50 hours of driving practice are now eligible for a Florida driver license. Head to the DMV closest to you and ace the driving test! The open road awaits you!

    Why Choose Aceable?

    Earn Your Permit In Hours

    Take our fully state-approved TLSAE/Drug and Alcohol course right from your smartphone or computer. With Aceable, you can earn your learner license anytime, anywhere.

    Skip The Classroom

    Why take a semester-long course that you’ll just tune out? Aceable keeps you engaged and learning with bite-sized content, interactive quizzes, audio voiceover and multimedia.

    Take The Test From Home

    Prep for the Florida Knowledge Exam, or learner permit test, with our endless study guide in-app. When ready, you take the test via mobile app or on the web from the comfort of your own couch!

    What Our Customers Say

    "When it's time for your teen to get behind the wheel, you could start with a driver's education course at a brick-and-mortar school. Or you could be the cool parent and let your kid satisfy California's classroom requirement on a smartphone."
    "The experience of taking a course through Aceable's app is a step up from most boring online driving classes, too."
    "Each video-based lesson includes interactive questions - narrated by a sarcastic robot - and has clearly been designed with its teenage audience in mind."
    "The idea is making the often boring required classes more like video games with leader boards and other features that make engaging in the coursework more fun."