4 Steps to Getting Your Illinois Driver License

Hey, Illinois adults! Wanna get that license? Aceable is here to help you out.

We’ll make this process super simple with just four steps. Read on to learn how you can get behind the wheel in no time.


1. Take Aceable’s Illinois Adult Drivers Ed


Download the Aceable Drivers Ed app to your iOS device or log into the web course. The Illinois Adult Drivers Ed course is only six hours long and you won’t just be reading a screen. Your Aceable course will have loads of pictures, videos, memes, and pop-up questions to make sure you’re not only learning how to be a safe driver, but you’re also having fun. Sure beats sitting in a class! You can also log on and off whenever you want. We all have things to do and places to be. Our convenient app is perfect for your busy lifestyle.

The state of Illinois requires that you complete the course within 30 days of beginning it. We know this is a bummer, but it’s one of those rules we have to follow. The course is only six hours, though, so we’re sure you’ll be able to finish it in 30 days.

2. Print out your Certificate of Completion


Awwwww yeah! You’ve finished the course! Here’s what happens next:

We’ll e-file your information with the Illinois Secretary of State within two days of your course completion. Since Aceable sends your information electronically to the state, it’s important that you provide us with an accurate email address that you have access to. Why? Well, once your information is e-filed, the Secretary of State will email you a Certificate of Completion of Adult Drivers Education. You don’t want that certificate to be sent to the wrong email address, do you?

Once you have that certificate, print it out. NOW! Aren’t you excited?!

3. Get your license

Okay, here we go. Time to finally get that license.

Head to a Driver Services Facility to Ace the vision, written, and driving tests. You’ve got this!

Also, don’t forget to bring your $5 fee, Certificate of Completion of Adult Drivers Education, and your other identification documents.


4. Go drive. Freedom. Yipppie.


Tag @aceable on Instagram once you have that license. Don’t be shy. Show off your shiny new driver’s license and tell us how that newfound freedom feels. We’re proud of you!

Now, get out there and drive safely. #StayAceable