Choosing a Drivers Ed Program – Why Aceable?

That’s a great question.  What makes us different (and better) than the other courses out there?

  1. Drivers ed on your own schedule – no need to get up Saturday morning to drive your teen to drivers ed.
  2. We’re completely mobile – is your teen away from the computer?  No worries, your teen can keep cruising through drivers ed on their phone or tablet!
  3. Fun and engaging content – your teens won’t get bored.  The material will stick!
  4. Parent monitoring tools – parents, we know that you’re an integral part of the process and PTDE isn’t truly parent-taught unless you know how your teen is progressing.  Check them out here.
  5. We’re the first and only parent taught drivers ed course in Texas to offer the actual DPS written knowledge test that students need to pass to get their permit.  It’s the real deal.


Aceable Drivers Ed App
Web-based Drivers Ed
Classroom Drivers Ed
Low cost, high value

$124.99 $99.99

$79 to $179

$300 – $2,000

Learn anytime, anywhere
Engaging story-based content
Free in-app parent progress monitoring
In-app tools for behind-the-wheel teaching
Free in-app study tools to ensure you pass
Fulfill the DPS drivers ed requirement

Here’s an example of how we teach your teen through easy-to-understand videos with fun animations!

Ace helps you remember some important traffic signs.

The easiest way to do Parent Taught Drivers Ed is to do it the Aceable way.