Taylor Swift and Speeding Tickets: Don’t Shake it Off!

Since the December launch of our Texas-approved defensive driving app, we’ve been busy helping drivers dismiss their speeding tickets. Along the way, we’ve noticed an alarming pattern: Taylor Swift and speeding tickets.

The signs are all around, even for those fortunate enough not to experience the nightmare side of a Taylor Swift car dance session.

Swifties, the danger is real. Don’t T Swift and drive.
Pro Tip: Connecting with a fellow swiftie police officer might help you get out of a speeding ticket.
If you do become a victim of a Taylor Swift car dance session, shake it off (and warn others).

Conclusion: listen to Taylor Swift responsibly. But if you need help dismissing a speeding ticket from a “Blank Space” dance sesh, just tell yourself “it’s gonna be alright”. Aceable makes it easy to clear your ticket in just 5 steps.