What is a Parent Taught Drivers Ed Packet & Why Do I Need It?

Requesting a Parent Taught Drivers Ed Packet is the first step in your PTDE journey. If you want to take Aceable Parent Taught Drivers Ed (or any PTDE course), the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) requires that you request a packet hereWhen you submit the form online you’ll pay a $20 processing fee to the TDLR by credit card or debit card. In return, they will send you (either by mail or email, your choice) important info and forms you have to take to the DPS office to get your permit and license. Allow me to explain some rules

1) You’ve gotta be at least 14 to take Parent Taught Drivers Ed.

2) Your instructor (i.e. your parent or guardian) must meet the requirements. They’re listed here for reference, but we’ll explain them below in English, not Legalese.

  • They’ve had a valid drivers license for at least three years.*

  • Have not had their license revoked, suspended or forfeited in the past three years

  • Has less than six points on their driving record (they’ll probably know if they are at or near that because it’s cause for losing their license)

  • Hasn’t been convicted or received a probated sentence (i.e. probation instead of jail time, very similar to a conviction) for DWI, DUI, or Criminally Negligent Homicide (again, they’ll know if this is the case)

  • Isn’t disabled due to mental illness as defined by the state (moodiness doesn’t count)

* Individuals who have lived outside of Texas during any part of the last three years must bring the driver record from their former state to the driver license office when their student applies for a license.

3) Seventy-six total hours of instruction are required and there are restrictions on how quickly you can do it. You’ll basically spend 32 hours on the course (although the Aceable app does NOT have a timer) and 44 hours being instructed on the wide open road.

4) You can’t test for your permit until you’re 15 years old.

And that’s all folks! If you have any questions about the packet, use the chat screen to ask an Aceable Team Member. Not to brag or anything, but we’re pretty familiar with it and we’d love to help (even if you aren’t using the Aceable app). If you haven’t given Aceable a chance yet, check it out here.