They’re perfect as swings and great at football practice, but they work best when they’re keeping you moving. What are they? Tires!

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Tire Safety and You

In order for your tires to keep you treading along (get it???), you’ll have to keep them properly maintained. Tire safety is a symbiotic relationship. So what do you have to do to keep your tires upkept?

One thing you’ll have to do to guarantee proper tire maintenance is to make sure you’re checking the tire pressure monthly. To do this, you’ll need to get a tire pressure gauge to check that they’re inflated to the proper tire PSI (pounds per square inch). You can buy one of these for yourself (recommended) or use the one on the gas station air pump (less recommended). Remove the cap from the tire valve stem on your wheel and put the pressure gauge on it. You’ll hear a hiss and then, bam, you’ll be able to see your tire inflation level reading.

Tire pressure gauge readings are magic
tire pressure readings are ~magic~

Checking your tire pressure is gonna be even more important when the weather is cold. The colder it is, the more your PSI/inflation level drops. Keep that tire inflation on fleek, fam. You wanna make sure you’re gonna be safe when that snow starts falling.

Pro tip: Make sure you also check the air pressure of the spare tire in your trunk. If you get a flat and have to change use your spare, you want to make sure it’s ready to go.

While you’re checking the pressure, be sure to give your tire a visual inspection. Look for foreign objects or anything that appears to be damaged.

Also important to hug your tires every once in awhile.
Your owner manual says you should also hug your tires every once in a while.

You’ll also have to check-in with the mechanic every once in awhile. Your tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles. You should also get an alignment every 12,000 miles. So basically, every other tire rotation you get, you should also get an alignment for your vehicle. This is to make sure one of of your tires doesn’t go rogue and wear down the tread faster than the others – you want dat uniform tire treadwear. This will help you avoid getting a flat and/or having a blowout (which can be super scary if you’re driving at a decent speed).

Tire care should definitely be high on your list of vehicle maintenance priorities, hanging somewhere near tree-shaped air freshener upkeep and buying gas. Following these tips should keep you safe, but sometimes accidents still happen. Make sure your tire safety kit is in your trunk, which includes: spare tire, jack, and lug nut wrench. This way you’ll have peace of mind that you’re ready for whatever the road can throw at you.

Tire Safety can be this much fun
Kanye 0% worried about his tires.